How to view private Instagram profile and photos anonymously

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See private Instagram account: Instagram is the most popular photo and video sharing app. However, on this app you can keep your account private or keep it open to everyone. Individual Instagram accounts can only be seen by those who accept your request and follow you. An open Instagram account profile is seen by anyone without sending a follow request.

As you cannot see the private accounts if the user does not accept your request. But what if you want to view private Instagram accounts if the user is not following you. How to view private Instagram accounts anonymously? Do you want to see a private Instagram account? Want to spy on your crush’s account? Oh yes!!

Or do you want to consult a private account? If you want to view a private account, the only way is to send a request, and if they follow you, you can view their profile. This is the legal way and the way to view any Instagram account. But if the user does not accept your request and you want to view their profile, there are several different ways to view their Instagram profile.

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VLet’s see the different ways to view Instagram account anonymously.

Many users like to see other people’s profiles without following them. Yet, you can also do it by following several methods.

Method 1: send a follow-up request

The first method is simple and easy. We recommend that you use this method first. If you don’t want to follow someone but want to see their profile, you can use another method. But first, try this method.

Send a follow-up request to the user, and when they accept your request, you can easily check their Instagram profile. This is the best possible way to view any private Instagram account.

Method 2: use a fake account

If you don’t want the user to know who you are, you can use a fake account. Create a fake account and send a follow-up request, if the user accepts your request, you can view their profile. You may have seen a lot of fake Instagram accounts.

However, it is important to hide your identity, but the account owner must first confirm your request. This means that it is not sure that you can see the private account because the user must first accept your request.

Method 3: use an Instagram viewer

If the given methods don’t work, you can use an Instagram viewer. Here, we are going to show you some of the best Instagram viewer tools that will help you view private accounts. All tools have Instagram’s privacy terms and conditions.

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Check the tools you can use to view Instagram profile.

1. Instalooker – View private profile without connection

This tool will help you view Instagram private account without following. Use this tool to unlock the profile so that you can see the full articles. Make sure you don’t open this tool with your mobile app.

Just open the tool and enter the username, and you will see the account profile. Then wait for the process to access the account you want to view. Once this process is complete, you will have access to the account and you can open it.

This method will also help you to view locked profiles.

Get the tool:

2. WatchInsta – View Insta profiles

To use this tool, visit the specified web page. You need to enter the account of him / her you want to see. Using this tool is safe and no one can track it. You don’t need to use your account, but you need to verify that you are human.

Get the tool:

3. Private Instagram viewer

Using this tool, you just need to input the username of the profile you want to view. You will quickly see this user’s profile. Simply visit the given website and enter the username and click on the search option. The private account will be consulted.

Get the tool:

View private Instagram profiles using private Instagram viewer

  • Visit the private Instagram viewer by Instalooker and click on ” Spy Now
  • View photos and videos of accounts.
  • It will ask you to enter the profile of the private Instagram account.
  • He will check the validity of the account.
  • After that, you will see the list of photos and videos.
  • Check out all the photos and videos.


1. How can I see private Instagram without polls?

You can use tools like Survey Remover and use legitimate ways to view the private Instagram profiles and images we have mentioned above.

2. How can I view private Instagram for free?

You can view private Instagram profiles using private Instagram viewer and similar free tools available on Google.

3. How to unblock a private Instagram account?

Send them a request by also creating fake or legitimate accounts.

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so here’s some of the methods by which you can see private Instagram accounts without following them in 2020 . If you also want to view someone’s profile without following them, try these methods and check out a private Instagram account. Make sure you follow the given steps correctly and check private Instagram accounts. For more information and the latest update, stay tuned to us.

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