How to view EPS images in Windows 10

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Many years ago, and more precisely in 1992, Adobe created a file format for standard images and graphics called EPS (short for Encapsulated PostScript).

A file extension for importing and exporting text and images and which contains both text of type BoundingBox DSC giving information (the resolution and the file size) on an image in EPS format, this is called vector images that we find for example in Illustrator, a vector graphics creation software from Adobe that you have probably installed at least once in parallel with Photoshop.

To view or view an EPS format image, you need to have software or viewer for that kind of file, because Windows 10 image and photo viewer cannot read or edit this format.

Among the tools that allow you to read this file format, there is IrfanView, OpenOffice Draw, LibreOffice Draw, GIMP, XnView MP, Okular or Scribus, whether on Linux, macOS or Windows but today we will share with you other more efficient tools to view, open and resize an EPS format picture or graphic in Windows 10.

How to view an EPS image file in Windows 10

# 1. Using EPS Viewer: It is a free tool, a software to download and install quickly and easily on your Windows 10 operating system in order to open and view vector graphics in EPS format.

Not only viewing, but it is also abouta good image converter because it also allows you to convert EPS files to other image formats like PNG and JPG format.

To download and install it on your operating system, go to this publisher page: Download & Install EPS Viewer

# 2. Using IrfanView: This software has been around for a long time and it is one of the best tools for viewing vector images for free. It is able to read, edit and convert a large number of graphics file formats in addition to our today’s EPS format.

For the rest of the features of IrfanView and since it is an image editing software at the base, we find in its tool palette rotation options, resizing tools, color effects and special effects as on Photoshop.

Saving photos or images modified using this software can then be done in another format to avoid damaging the original.

Installing IrfanView on Windows 10
1. And to be able to view files with IrfanView, you must first download and install it on your Windows 10, for that click on this link: IrfanView.

2. During its installation, remember to check the EPS / PS file format as the photo below shows:

3. Then you need to download and install the IrfanView plugins from this page which we also find the explanation.

4. Once this is done you will again need to download and install Ghostscript on your operating system, this is an interpreter that allows irfanView to read EPS format as well as ‘other formats such as PDF.

To download and install Ghostscript on your system, click on this link: Ghostscript for ‘Postscript and PDF interpreter / render’

5. Once you have installed the IrfanView software, its plugins and Ghostscript, you can open, edit and even convert EPS images.

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