How to view deleted messages in the WhatsApp application

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As you already knew, WhatsApp performs automatic or manual backups of all your conversations and depending on the chosen frequency, daily, monthly and finally weekly backups with the possibility of including the videos exchanged or not.

So if the backup option is enabled, you will never lose any of your chats and files as long as the storage space allows. If not and depending on your Android phone or iPhone, you can also regularly back up all your WhatsApp chat history on Google drive or iCloud Drive

Here is how to make and configure the backups of WhatsApp conversations and discussions:
Go to WhatsApp> tap More options> Settings> Discussions> Chat backup> SAVE.

How to view deleted messages in the WhatsApp application

So if you have already configured an automatic backup of WhatsApp according to a frequency of your choice, know that it is logically possible to restore deleted discussions and messages easily by following these few steps:

1. Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.
2. Accept the terms and conditions and verify your mobile phone number in the next step.
3. When you receive the request, tap RESTORE to restore your chats and media files from your phone, Google Drive, or iCloud Drive.
4. There you go, all your WhatsApp chats will be restored.

This is the official WhatsApp method to restore and recover chat history, but there are also third party apps that will help you read and view your deleted WhatsApp messages.

Recover and read deleted WhatsApp messages via WhatsRemoved +

The most popular of these apps with over 10 million installs on Android and 1,14,380 reviews and comments is the app WhatsRemoved +

The app is only available for Android users through Google Play Store and no longer for iOS (iPhone) users. Very effective in recovering deleted messages from WhatsApp but otherwise! This application detects and recovers all messages sent and then deleted by recipients who do not want you to read them.

It is free but against advertising and also available in a paid version if you no longer want advertising.

Install and use the app WhatsRemoved +
Recover the application from google play Store and install it
2. After accepting the terms and conditions of use, select WhatsApp from the application list to access deleted messages.
3. Now and every time a correspondent deletes a message sent to you, you will receive a notification that a message has been deleted.
4. To read deleted WhatsApp messages, open the notification and tap on the “DETECTED” tab.

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