How to view and restore previous versions of a Word document

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Microsoft allows us to verify the changes we have made to our documents. It’s extremely simple watch Yes restore previous versions of a document at Word and a little further down, we’ll show you how to do it step by step.

To use this method, you must have an active Office 365 subscription. This is necessary because it is a requirement because Microsoft Word enables version history only when files are saved to OneDrive.

In addition, it is necessary to save the document in OneDrive, which gives us greater security when storing our work. It’s fast, convenient and extremely secure.

The fastest way to view older versions of a Word document is to click on the file name at the top of the screen, right in the center.

View all previous versions of a Word document.

A pop-up will appear with the name of the file, where it is saved, and a version history at the bottom.

View history.

Another way to do this is to go to File> Info and then click on “Version History”.

Open the previous version.

What will happen is that the version history The right side. The most recent version of the document will appear at the top. This is automatically organized by date, which definitely makes it easier to find a specific version.

Buy documents.

We can also click the “Compare” button to see what has been changed. This will copy the previous version of the document to a new one and quickly highlight any changes made to the most up-to-date version.

Expand the edit panel.

Let’s see how to find exactly what has been changed. The first thing we’re going to do is click on the down arrow icon in the “Reviews” panel.

See all the changes made.

Here it will show us what types of edits we made to the document and how many revisions in total were made.

Highlight all changes.

To see the changes in more detail, just scroll down the left panel. What will highlight all changes.

On the right side, next to the paragraphs, we can see a red line that marks us at the exact spot where the changes were made in this version of the document.

Review the menu in Word.

Now if we go to the “Review” menu. Next, we go to “Tracking” and click on the arrow pointing down right next to “Simple tagging”.

Mark all revisions of a document in Word.

We will now select “All brands” and this will allow us to see in detail the changes we were looking for. The parts that have been deleted will be highlighted with a red font and a cross. The additions are also in red, only underlined.

The part of restoring previous versions of a Word document is very simple. What we will need to do is close the document and we will return to the previous one, where we first came to the option to purchase a previous version.

Restore previous versions of a Word document.

In this section, we will have to press the “Restore” button to convert it to the most recent version of the document. Don’t worry too much because the “Most recent” version will be one of the previous versions, you can always get it back.

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