How to View All Installed Printers on Windows 11

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Thanks to this guide today, you will be able to consult the whole list of printers installed on your computer under Windows 11. On this latest operating system from Microsoft, there are several ways to display the printers installed, at the application example help Settings from Windows, through Print management interfacethanks to the command prompt or finally via the PowerShell.

You will need to know and consult the list of printers when for example you are cleaning up the PC and you need to delete unused printers or just to know which of the printers you should use for printing in case there are several on your network. In short, whatever the reason, here is how to access the list of printers installed on Windows 11.

Access the list from Windows 11 Settings

1. Start by opening the Start menu
2. Then go to Settings of your Windows 11
3. On the left, click Bluetooth and devices
4. Select the Printers and Scanners tab

And now, the whole list of installed printers is displayed in this section, you will even find in the list of virtual or “software” printers that are part of a specific application, such as “Fax”, “Microsoft Print to PDF” , “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” and “OneNote”.

The list via Print Management “Printmanagement.msc”

1. Open the Start menu.
2. In the search bar, search for “Print Management” or “printmanagement.msc” and click on the first result to open the application.
3. In the “Print Management” window that opens, navigate to the following path: Printer Management > Print Servers > Printers

Access the list via Print Management “Printmanagement.msc”

In the center pane, on the far right, you can now see the list of installed printers.

And finally via Command Prompt or PowerShell

Through the Windows command prompt, it is also possible to display the list of printers installed on the system and just open it as an administrator and type the following command:

wmic printer list brief

The same thing if you want to use the Windows 11 PowerShell, you must first open it as an administrator to have the necessary privileges and then type the following command:

Get-Printer | Format-Table

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