How to use your Android as a Wi-Fi repeater

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Nowadays we use Internet for everything and for anything: for communicate, itself to entertain, to study or to work, in short we can not do without. For this reason, we need a stable Wi-Fi network and a strong speed. However, keep a good connection may be difficult in certain situations, such as when you are in a public place where everyone is sharing the same network.

The solution is in your hand. Yes with your smartphone, you can boost a Wi-Fi signal. In other words, you can use your Android device as a Wi-Fi repeater. This article explains in a few steps how to benefit from a Wi-Fi repeater using your Android.

Most devices Android do not have the Wi-Fi repeater functionality. Therefore, a third party application is required for allow the device to amplify a network Wireless existing and share it with other devices.

Nethare is the app you need for turn your Android device into a Wi-Fi repeater. With a few clicks the application will allow you to create a Wi-Fi access point while keeping your device connected to this Wi-Fi.

Follow the next steps:

  • After installing Nethare on your Android device and on all the devices you want to connect, launch application.
  • Check the box “Start the Wi-Fi access point”
  • On the second device, press the “CONNECT” button, at the top right of the screen.

  • Now, turn on the WPS switch on the first device.

  • When you receive a VPN connection popup request on the second device, press “OK” to grant permission.

And there you have it, you are connected to both devices at the same time without losing connection stability.

  1. NetShare-no-root-tethering


    NetShare is an application ofamplification and of sharing of W-Fi. A tool that allows turn your Android device into a Wi-Fi repeater. The app is designed to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and share so connection between multiple devices.

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