How to use the unique benefits of twins in Dead by Daylight

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The Twins are the last to join the list of killers in Dead by the light of day, and have three unique perks to change the game. Let’s take a look at these three unique perks and how you can use them in the game. If you are interested in new Survivor Elodie Rakoto check out my overview of her perks .

Now let’s take a look at the three unique benefits of twins in Death by the light of day.


The Twins’ first unique advantage is Hoarder. The teachable version of this perk will appear on the Twins’ Blood Web when you get them at level 30. Here’s how Hoarder works:

“Receive a loud noise indicator for 4 seconds when Survivors interact with a chest or pick up an object within 32/48/64 yards of your location. The trial begins with up to 2 additional chests in the environment. “

This perk was designed to give Killers more information about when Survivors search for chests or trade items, as several items can be quite annoying for Killers, such as medical kits and keys. Not only that, but some survivors also perform loot builds to increase the quality of items they find in chests; Hoarder provides a clear counter to such constructions.

However, Hoarder is not inherently a must-have advantage. Although chests remove survivors from generators, this is not a reliable way to delay the game. Survivors can rush generators, and so Loot chests once the doors are fed.

hoard dead twins by daylight

Hoarder becomes a big perk if you pair it with Franklin’s Demise, a unique perk of Leatherface. What Franklin’s Demise does is force survivors to drop their items when hit by the killer’s melee attack. If the Survivor does not collect their item within 150/120/90 seconds, then the item will be removed from play. So you can see how this synergizes extremely well with Hoarder, which will let you know when Survivors collect their abandoned items.

Using Hoarder and Franklin’s disappearance together forces survivors to make a choice between items and generators, which can give killers the upper hand during a trial depending on how much the survivors want their items back. This perk combo encourages a unique playstyle for killers that was not possible before.


Here’s how the second unique twins benefit in Death by the light of day works:

“When you damage a generator, up to 3 other random generators also start to regress. If the affected generators are being repaired, any survivor who repairs them receives a difficult skill test. Oppression has a 120/100/80 second cooldown. “

Slayers can use Oppression to determine which generators repair Survivors. Since the difficult skill test goes without warning, survivors will almost always fail. The strength of the Oppression increases as the game progresses and the number of available generators decreases. When only one generator is left, you will know for sure which 3 generators will target the advantage.

Considering the RNG oppressive factor, it is not as powerful as the generator’s other benefits, but can still be used to maintain pressure throughout a test.

oppression twins dead by daylight

Oppression can work well in any generator advantage build. Just remember that it is incompatible with Hex: Ruin, from Hex: Ruin removes the killer’s ability to kick generators while the hex is active. Consider using Pop Goes the Weasel, Overcharge, Corrupt Intervention, or Thrilling Tremors instead. I recommend using only two generator perks to give yourself more utility when giving it a try.

Coup de grace

Here’s how the Twins’ final unique perk works:

“Each time a generator is finished, Coup de Grace increases in power. Earn a token. Consume a token to increase the distance of your next lunge attack by 40/50/60%. “

Coup de Grace is an interesting perk that allows killers to surprise survivors. However, there are many drawbacks to this advantage that are not worth using. You have to run this perk for a few games to get a feel for the increased slot size, which means it might hurt your gameplay instead of helping it.

Coup de Grace also requires generators to take advantage of it, which is bad because you don’t want the generators to be finished. Survivors can also guess when Finisher’s Blow is active after seeing the killer use it, allowing them to plan their routes with the increased slot in mind.

knockout twins dead in the light of day

That’s not to say Coup de Grace is useless, it just fits a very unique playstyle. Coup de Grâce can combine well with perks that trigger a killer’s automatic attack. Save the Best for Last, Knockout, Franklin’s Demise, and Sloppy Butcher are some examples. You can use Coup de Grâce’s augmented sledge to trigger the effect of all of these perks. However, you shouldn’t run Coup de Grace if you opt for a generator delay generation.

These are all the unique benefits of twins explained. If you want these benefits for yourself, you can purchase the twins from the Family tie chapter, or purchase them in in-game currency without Elodie Rakoto included. None of the Twins’ perks add anything crazy to the game, but they do allow for some interesting Killer builds. However, due to the number of players sticking to meta builds, I doubt you see much of these benefits in your own games, at least not in the high ranks.

Let me know what you think of these benefits and stay tuned for more. Death by the light of day guides!

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