How to use the perks of the Trickster in Dead by Daylight

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The Trickster is the new upcoming killer Death by the light of day in the Kill everything chapter. In addition to having a new Killer power, the Trickster also brings three new perks to the game. The new survivor to come in this chapter is Yun-Jin Lee. If you want to learn more about its benefits, check out my guide explaining all about them and how to use them.

Now let’s take a look at the Trickster and the three unique new perks it brings. Death by the light of day: Starstruck, Hex: Crowd Control and No Way Out.


The Trickster’s first perk is Starstruck, and the teachable version of that perk appears on its blood web at level 30. Here’s how it works:

“Starstruck activates when you transport a Survivor. Survivors within your terror radius suffer from the Exposed status effect for 20/25/30 seconds. Starstruck’s cooldown lasts 90 seconds after a Survivor is no longer carried. “

The addition of Starstruck can be a game-changer for killers and survivors. Since the Exposed status effect is the deadliest in the game. For the first time, the killers finally have something that scares the survivors of the hooks that block the body. This is something that often happens in high ranking games.

Survivors will run in front of or around the killer, then crouch in front of the hook they are trying to use. This gives the survivor on the killer’s shoulder enough time to break free. While there are a few perks to counter this, such as Agitation, Iron Grasp, and Mad Grit, none of them deterred survivors from blocking the body.

Starstruck the trickster dead by daylight

Along with giving Killer a new way to deal with hook body blockage, it also gives plenty of opportunity for new builds of perks. Killers can opt for a full hook-based build, or just combine Starstruck with another hook perk. I can see that Starstruck is associated with Restlessness, one of the trapper’s perks, the most. The commotion says: “When carrying a Survivor, your movement speed is increased by 6/12/18% and your terror radius is increased by 12 yards. “

This additional Agitation movement speed makes it easy for Slayers to catch up with Survivors, especially if they don’t expect it. Allow killers to take advantage of the Exposed status effect applied by Starstruck. If you want a full build like I mentioned earlier, you can also try Iron Grasp and Mad Grit. Iron Grasp is a general benefit and says: “Combat effects of a moving survivor are reduced by 75%. Time to escape is increased by 4/8/12%. “

Mad Grit is a unique advantage for the Legion and says: “While carrying a Survivor, you do not experience any cool-down in the event of missed attacks and if you manage to hit another Survivor, the Survivor’s Movement Timer will be paused for 2/3/4 seconds. “ So you can see how Starstruck can synergize so well with these benefits.

Hex: Crowd control

The second advantage of the Trickster is Hex: Crowd Control. The teachable version of this perk appears on the Trickster’s blood web at level 35. Here’s how it works:

“The entity blocks a window for 10/12/14 seconds after a survivor has made a rushed jump through it. Hexagonal effects persist as long as the corresponding hexadecimal totem is standing.

It’s interesting that we get another window blocking benefit since we already have Bamboozle. This is one of the unique advantages of the clown. Bamboozle says: “The speed of your safe is 5/10/15% faster. Performing a vault action causes the entity to block the vault location for 8/12/16 seconds. Only one safe slot can be blocked in this way at any time. “hex crowd control the trickster dead in daylight

Hex: Crowd Control certainly has its uses but also several drawbacks. The major problem with Hex: Crowd Control is that it is a hexagonal advantage. This is therefore unreliable as the survivors could destroy the hexadecimal totem at the start of the game. Hex: Crowd control also only triggers after a survivor has passed through the window. The killer will therefore have to go around the loop of the window at least once to catch the survivor. Which does not reliably reduce the chase time. Especially if there is another loop nearby where the survivor can go.

Survivors can also counter Hex: Crowd Control by throwing jump windows if they have a good lead over the killer. One of the rare Hex: Crowd Control situations can come in handy if there are multiple survivors in the same area. Hex: Crowd Control has no limit on which windows it blocks after all. Additionally, when survivors panic, they may rush to a window. Leave other survivors trapped in an area with no open windows.

Compared to Bamboozle, Hex: Crowd Control is just the weakest advantage. Bamboozle allows you to lock window loops before the survivor can use it. Survivors cannot counter Bamboozle in any way like they can Hex: Crowd Control. Another benefit of Bamboozle is the increased speed of the vault it grants. If you have the choice between Hex: Crowd Control and Bamboozle, you should take Bamboozle.

No Exit

The last advantage of the Trickster is No Way Out. The teachable version of this perk appears on his blood web at level 40. Here’s how it works:

“Each time you snag a unique survivor, No Way Out earns a token. When the last generator is repaired, the entity blocks both exit gate switches for 8/9/10 seconds for each token in your possession. “

Finally, we have another perk that can do something at the end of the game. Remember that you only get one token per survivor. The maximum that you can delay an exit door is 40 seconds. This saves the Killer a lot of time to block additional attacks before the exits open. There are several endgame perks that can be combined with No Way Out to increase the killer’s chances of making sure no one escapes.

no way out of the dead trickster in the light of day

If you’re looking for a full version of the game, use Hex: No One Escapes Death, Remember Me, and Blood Warden. Feel free to tailor the build to your needs if you want other perks to help you throughout the game. Hex: No one escapes death is a general perk that says “Once the exit gates are energized, if a Dull Totem is left on the map, that hex is applied to it. While Hex No One Escape Death is active, Survivors suffer from the Exposed status effect and your movement speed is increased by 2/3/4%. “ Hex: No One Escapes Death lets you maximize the 40 seconds survivors cannot open exit doors.

Remember Me is one of Freddy’s unique perks, and he says “Each time you hit your Obsession you increase the exit door opening time by 4 seconds up to a maximum of 8/12/16 additional seconds. The obsession is not affected by Remember Me. ” This perk allows you to delay the exit doors even further and pick up the last victims you need.

Blood Warden is another unique perk for Freddy and he says “As soon as the exit door is opened, Blood Warden is activated. The auras of all survivors in the exit doors are revealed to you. Once per try, hooking up a Survivor while Blood Warden is still active causes the entity to block both exits for all survivors for 30/40/60 seconds. ” With all of these benefits combined, you can see how they make up the perfect endgame build.

There you have all the advantages of the Trickster in Death by the light of day. These perks give players more variety in their builds and give Survivors a lot of worries. If you want to see these perks in action, my video above reviews the Trickster, Yun-Jin Lee, and other changes coming in patch 4.6.0.

Let me know if you think these perks are a good change or just more boring additions to the game. Stay tuned for more Death by the light of day guides and good luck in the fog!

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