How to use the Apple Watch drop detection system

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Since series 4, the Apple Watch has a fall detector capable of automatically contacting emergency services if you deem it necessary. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you set up Apple’s smartwatch drop detection system.

Apple Watch security feature

It is clear that from generation to generation, Apple not only improves the performance of its connected watch but also the tools to look after our health. Thus, since the appearance of Series 4, the Apple Watch has offered a fall detector coupled with the accelerometer and the gyroscope.

As the name suggests, this feature is designed to detect sudden drops. As soon as the watch detects a suspicious movement, the Apple Watch will emit a vibration, an alarm and display an alert on the screen.

It is then possible to indicate that all is well or to call the emergency services. Important detail, if the user does not block or respond to the alert, a message is automatically sent to the emergency services configured in the medical card with the victim’s GPS location.

Please note that the Apple Watch fall detection system is disabled by default except for users over 65 who have entered their age in the medical form of the health application. And this choice is not trivial.

It should be noted that falls are the leading cause of accidental death among seniors. Over 35% of those over 65 fall each year. This shows the importance of this type of functionality. It could save your life by notifying the emergency services.

Configure the Apple smartwatch drop detection option

Are you under 65 and would like to be able to take advantage of the fall detection device of your connected watch? Rest assured, Apple leaves the possibility for Watch owners to activate it manually, regardless of their age.

  • Turn on your iPhone
  • Open the iPhone Watch app
  • Click on the emergency section
  • Look in the window for the fall detection section
  • Click on the corresponding switch to activate this function

Now, as soon as Apple Watch detects a sudden drop on a hard surface, it will give an alarm signal. You will see an alert message appear with several possible responses. You can thus with a simple touch on the screen warn of emergencies or inform your watch that you have fallen but that all is well.

Finally the last answer, I did not fall, allows the machine to learn and better understand your habits. If, for example, you practice contact sports, the system will be able to detect that this is a false alert.

Fall detection is smart enough to call for help on its own. If you are unconscious or unable to move, the watch will automatically call emergency services and the people (friend or family) listed on your medical card.

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