How to use the app library on iPad

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In today’s article we will see in detail how to use the application library in iPad. iPadOS 15 is packed with new features and the experience with the app library is changing drastically, let’s see how to use it a little further.

What is the Application Library?

The app library was introduced in the iPhone with iOS 14, it is basically a place where we will be able to find all the apps that we have on our device. In this way, we can access them quickly, as they are organized by categories and even have the search function.

We have two ways to access the app library on our iPad. The first is to slide your finger across the last home page. No matter how many screens you have on your iPad.

The second method is to tap the icon in the Dock. The Dock icon is on the far right of the Dock.

Display the app library in the dock.

We can even remove the app library icon from the Dock. For this we will have to go to Settings, then we go to the Home screen and the Dock. We’ll just need to turn off the switch on the right side of “Show Application Library in Dock”.

We have started the guide to using the app library on iPad.

When we get to the app library, we’ll see all the categories as if they were folders. At the top left, we can see the “Suggestions” which are the applications we use most frequently and next to the “Recently Added”.

The rest of the files will be classified according to the type of application they have: Entertainment, games, communication, etc.

A group or category of apps in the iPad app library.

Another detail is that we will notice a small group of icons in some folders. This means that this category has more than four applications.

Extensive applications.

If we click on this icon, it will expand and we can see all applications found in this folder.

Finding apps in the library

You may have already seen the search box at the top of this screen. If we write the keyword, we can see which apps match, for example: Maps, Google Maps or Apple Maps will appear.

Find apps in the app library on iPad.

We can also search applications listed in alphabetical order. We click on the search box and slide our finger down. We can see a list of all the apps available on our device listed in alphabetical order.

The idea of ​​the app library is that we don’t have to have all the apps on our iPad’s home screen. So we can clean the said screen and the apps will remain on the device, they will not be uninstalled.

Move apps to the app library

Delete the application.

In fact, you don’t have to let’s move the apps to the library. We are just going to have to go to the home screen and hold down the app icon, a context menu will appear and we will have to click on “Remove app”.

Remove the app from the home screen.

Then another window will appear, here we have to press “Remove from home screen”, this way we don’t uninstall it, we will have it available in the application library. If we click on “Remove application” which is in red, it will uninstall the application.

We can send an app to the home screen.

If we want to put a library app on home screen, it is something extremely simple. The only thing we will have to do is press and hold the icon of the app in question. A new menu will appear and we will have to click on “Add to Home Screen”.

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