How to use Street View on Google Maps on Android, iPhone or mobile PC

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How to use Street View on Google Maps on Android, iPhone or mobile PC

Although most people know how to use Street View for having fun browsing the web, street view full set of images is also available on their phone or tablet in the Google Maps application,and in case you are iOS and don’t have these Android services on your iPhone.

Of course, seeing Street View on a smaller screen isn’t ideal, but it is quite surprising to have so many of power in the palm of your hand and much more if you can be able to see your own home through it.

The additional sensors available on your phone and tablet offer at least one feature that you can’t get.

how to use the street view

While not immediately seen when you open Google Maps, Street View is included in the Maps app via a plug-in Street View independently updated or simply by moving the yellow monkey and placing it somewhere.

To access Street View

On your phone or tablet, just long press somewhere on the map to place a pin, search for a location, or select a default location, then tap the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Between information such as reviews and hours of operation, you will see a Street View image: tap on it and you will see the images at street surface level in that chosen location.

Move around once you are in Street View mode is pretty straightforward. Basic navigation paradigms: Drag in any direction to move the camera view.

Press the arrows at the bottom of the screen to move in these small increment directions. Double tap locations on the street for getting around quickly to that location (if data is available)

Walk and zoom in for a closer look at any what on the map.

Because modern phones and tablets have a lot of sensors inside, including accelerometers and gyroscopes.

Street View can take advantage of this to offer a unique immersion experience on mobile devices. To activate a “look around” mode in which the camera points during the actual movement of the device.

The body instead of sliding, tap the screen to open the control interface and tap the arrow button in the lower right corner to toggle the mode on or off.

When activated, you can move around to see things spatially,instead of relying on sweeping. Other features such as Zoom and dual-touch motion are always enabled.

use the street view

Some tips for Street View and Google Maps

It is very interesting and this is a great way to get information about alocation, but keep in mind that it takes a fair amount of data to remove all of that information.

If you are on a mobile connection with a limited data plan, you may know that Street View data is downloaded in the background As things progress.

This gives you the latest up to date information, but it will also have a great affect your data allowance if you use it a lot. With all of this in mind, it is important that you have a good internet connection.

A gift for Google Cardboard users

If you are one of the few who bought a google cardboard reader itthere is a little trick you can extract to see Street View with the heads-up unit.

For an experience User-friendly cardboard street view, run itIn Street View, tap the screen to display the change view icon and double-tap this icon.

The interface will then be split into a left or right mode which when inserted into Cardboard will provide an amazing virtual reality experience. You can go back this way with another double tap on the icon.

What should I use Street View for?

Certainly, Google has proven to be the best map app thanks to its modalities like Maps, Earth, and Street View, with features like travel, explore and locate your location anywhere on your mobile or computer with internet connection.

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