How to use Siri on the iPhone 12

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This virtual assistant is getting smarter

What there is to know

  • There are two ways to access Siri on the iphone 12 models : Using the side button or using a voice command.
  • Siri no longer takes over your entire screen, but instead works through a colored icon and widget responses.
  • You can even use Siri with Apple devices like HomePods and AirPods to announce messages through an intercom-style mode.

This article includes instructions on how to use Siri on the iPhone 12, including how to activate Siri, how to access Siri, and what you can do with the voice assistant.

Before enjoying the new Siri features in iOS 14, you must first make sure that Siri is enabled on your iPhone 12.

  1. Open them settings.
  2. Select Siri & Search.
  3. On the page Siri & Search, make sure the following three options are enabled:
    • Listen to “Hey Siri” : This allows you to say the wake-up phrase “Hey Siri” to start an interaction with the voice assistant.
    • Press the side button for Siri : This allows you to wake up Siri by long pressing the button on the right side of the phone.
    • Authorize Siri when locked : This allows you to use Siri without unlocking your phone.

Once Siri is activated on your iPhone 12, to access it all you need to do is say “Hey Siri” or long press the button on the right side of the phone.

With the Siri update in iOS 14, the voice assistant no longer supports your full screen. Instead, you’ll see a colored icon at the bottom of the screen to indicate that Siri is listening to your question or request. Then when you reply, the replies will appear as widgets and banners on part of your phone screen, but they still won’t take over the entire screen.

Improvements to Siri in iOS 14

Siri’s iOS 14 update (which is the version installed on the iPhone 12 when it was released) included a number of updates to the voice assistant’s look and capabilities. Besides the appearance changes mentioned above, these features have also been added or improved:

  • Of best answers : Siri handles more than 25 billion requests per month, according to Apple. To meet all these demands, the virtual assistant had to learn a lot. In fact, Apple claims Siri has 20 times more facts than a few years ago. And the ability of virtual assistants to use the web to provide answers has also improved.
  • Smarter suggestions : Among the improvements to Siri is a useful widget for suggestions of shortcuts which allows Siri to suggest actions you do regularly. For example, when you get in the car, Siri may suggest that you open cards or order a coffee at your favorite cafe. And you can have those suggestions on your Today screen or on your Home screen (or both). Whatever suits you.
  • Sharing ETA : If you meet another iPhone user and want to give them an ETA, you can ask Siri to “share my ETA”. Siri will then send your ETA, via Apple Cards, to that person. There are, however, some restrictions. You must have already started directions in Apple Maps, and your Apple ID email will be used to share your estimated arrival time.
  • Voicemail : Siri can record and send audio messages for you using iMessages or MMS text messages (which means you can even send audio files to Android users). Just say “Send audio message to” and Siri will record and send the audio. You will be able to listen to it, cancel it or re-record it before sending the message. You will also have the option to do this via CarPlay.
  • Better translation : Translation services which have always been available through Siri have been improved with iOS 14. There are now 65 language pairs and you do not need to be connected to the internet for translation to take place. In addition, the translations are much smoother than in the past.
  • Cycling route with maps : If you need a bicycle route, you can now ask Siri: “What are the bicycle routes to get to [nom du lieu] ? If Siri doesn’t understand or recognize the place you have requested directions for, the voice assistant will make suggestions and redirect you to Apple Maps to get the correct route.
  • Automated reminders by mail : In iOS 14, Siri gained the ability to recognize possible email reminders and make suggestions. If you find that you create a lot of email reminders, this feature will come in handy to keep you in the game.

An additional feature that you can find using Siri on the iPhone 12 is the intercom feature which is available if there are multiple Apple devices in your house. This feature is available on Apple smart home devices, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, AirPods and even CarPlay.

To use this feature, say “Hey Siri, tell everyone [ton message] “. Siri will send the messages to the connected devices, and the recipients can respond by saying, “Hey Siri, play back [leur réponse] “.

Messages sent through the intercom feature will play on HomePod and AirPod devices, and appear as notifications on devices such as iPhone and iPad.

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