How to use Samsung parental controls

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Restrict content on a child’s Galaxy smartphone or tablet

If you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy phone for your child, then you will want to take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy parental controls. Here are some of the best parental controls available for Samsung devices, including kid-friendly Samsung features as well as other apps that will help keep your child safe while they use your new mobile device.

Beyond installing Samsung parental controls on your own mobile device, don’t forget to make use of all the best practices for setting up parental guarantees for your own home network.

Reset your phone and add an account

If you’ve bought a used phone for your child or are giving them your oldest Samsung Galaxy device, you’ll want to reset your phone. This will erase browsing details, images and other data from your device.

Having a clean device makes implementing Samsung parental controls much easier.

  1. Depending on your Samsung device model, you will need to follow the instructions below to find and activate Factory Data Reset:
    • Settings tap > Administration general > Reset> Data reset factory.
    • Settings tap > Backup & reset > Data reset factory.
    • Settings tap > Privacy> Data reset factory.
  2. Once the factory reset process is complete, you will need to add your kid’s Google account to your phone. Press sure Settings> Accounts> Add an account, enteran email account and password, then accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Once your phone is reset and your child’s account is added, you are ready to start installing Samsung parental controls.

If your child is between 13 and 13 years old, your best bet is to install the Samsung Kids home function. This is only available for phones or tablets with Pie operating system.

For older kids, or if your device doesn’t have a Pie operating system, there are plenty of other options.

This Samsung Kids Home feature not only allows you to set time limits, permissions and reception usage reports, but also provides your child with safe and entertaining content for children that encourages learning.

Google Family Link

The best app that works on all Samsung devices is the Google Family Link app. Family Link allows you to set permissions remotely and monitor your child’s use of the Samsung device, even from their own phone. Control when, what content your child can access, and which apps they are allowed to use.

You should install the Family Link for Children and Teenagers app on your child’s phone and the Family Link for Parents on your own phone. Follow the onscreen instructions on both devices to sync the two apps. Once logged in, you can use your “supervisor” device to activate or deactivate parental controls on your child’s samsung.

Control Google Play purchases

If you don’t want to lock your child’s device using the Family Link app, you can let them use your phone with your Google Account. However, you will need to make sure that you block the reading store settings from making unexpected purchases without asking first.

To do this, open the Play Store app. Press on menu > Settings. In the pop-up window, press on For all purchases through Google Play on this device. Now your child will not be able to make purchases without entering their account password.

Set content restrictions

You can also set content restrictions so that your kids can’t download apps, movies, or other content from Google Play that is not age-appropriate.

To configure this, open the Play Store app. Press on Menu > Settings, enterPIN code for Play Store downloads, then tap on each content type and adjust the appropriate age level where you want pin verification enabled.

Google Chrome SafeSearch

Using Google Chrome SafeSearch on your child’s device is a smart way to prevent access to explicit content. It is easy to activate it. First, uninstall all other browsers from your device and then open the Google Browser app. Press on menu > Settings. From the Settings menu, scroll down for SafeSearch filters and select Filter explicit results.

This setting is easy to turn off, so it will only be effective for very young children using the mobile device.

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