How to use Netflix gift cards and promo codes

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If you’ve received a Netflix gift card or have a promo code for the service, here’s how to redeem them quickly and easily.

Netflix is ​​affordable compared to other streaming services, but the overall cost can get too high over time. To remedy this, you can take advantage of gift cards and promo codes in a few simple steps. We can tell you exactly how.

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Whether you get them as a gift or get them through mobile apps that reward walking habits, any chance of getting a Netflix discount is a treat, allowing you to enjoy the service for longer.

You must access your Netflix account to redeem a gift. To succeed:

  1. Fly over the icon of your profile Netflix on any desktop browser until the drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click on Account .
  3. In the section Membership and billing , click on Use the gift card and promotional code in the list of options.
  4. Enter the code or PIN provided and click To exchange to get your Netflix discount.
  5. Netflix adds the gift to your balance and alerts you before it runs out.

From your account or the page Redeem your gift , you can also see how and where to buy gift cards. Startselect and Amazon are its main online providers, each offering additional advice on how the service works.

One thing to keep in mind regarding gift cards, however, is the risks. They are so easy to send and receive that scams often use them too. Beware of messages or emails offering Netflix promotions or even scammers asking for gift cards instead of normal payment.

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Don’t underestimate the joy of gift cards

When you can’t think of a way to make someone feel special, giving them a shopping spree is a great idea, whether it’s for an online or physical store.

As one of the most popular streaming services on the planet, it’s safe to assume that everyone would love a Netflix gift card or promo code. If they’ve never used it before, you can even present it to them. They can quickly redeem the gift and dive right in.

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