How to use Grindr on your computer

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What there is to know

  • Using Grindr on a desktop requires a third-party emulator like Andy or Remix OS Player.
  • Configure the emulator as a new Android device. Next, download Grindr from the Google Play Store and launch it.
  • Don’t expect Grindr to work so well on your desktop. Some features may not work as expected.

Grindr is a social network for gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. It uses the location data of its members’ devices to facilitate real connections. It is optimized for use on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets. This article explains how to use it on a desktop computer.

Install emulation software and a shredder on the desktop

You cannot run Grindr from a browser on your desktop. If you want to run Grindr on a desktop or laptop, install an emulator and the Grindr app.

Here’s how to install Grindr on a desktop or laptop:

  1. Select an emulator. Several providers offer both paid and free Android emulators that include different types of services. Grindr requires GPS coordinates to function and platforms such than Andy and Remix OS Player allow you to specify your location manually. Use an Android emulator and not an iOS emulator because most people cannot legally access files to run an iOS emulator for the iPhone.
  2. Install the emulator. Each emulator follows a different installation method, but generally download the installer and double click on the file to install the emulator. An Android emulator cannot be installed on a Windows 10 computer running Hyper-V. You can find an ISO from an x86 Android project, but stable Android Kernels are three or four versions behind the latest version.
  3. Install Grindr. When you launch the Android emulator, set it up as a new Android device. Then, sign in to Google Play and download Grindr from the Google Play Store. If you choose the Grindr version of the Bluestacks emulator, the Bluestacks player includes Grindr.
  4. Start Grindr. Open the Windows Start menu and choose the emulator from the list of installed applications. When you log in, you will experience the same continuity of experience on the Android emulator as on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  5. Verify that Grindr is working as expected. Check if Grindr is geolocating you correctly. If your location is wrong, check the emulator for a location replacement feature. Not all emulators have one. Also, do a little tweak to your profile, close the emulator, and then log in. Some emulators will not persist these changes to your account.

Possible problems using grindr on a desktop

Some emulators can be difficult to install and are reported as slow and buggy. For this reason, you shouldn’t expect Grindr to work equally well on your desktop as it does on a mobile device. Likewise, some features of Grindr may not work as expected because the program is being used in an environment for which it was not intended.

One of the biggest concerns is whether the location information appears correctly, or if it even appears to everyone. Grindr uses your mobile device’s GPS technology to identify your location, which it then uses to “find guys near you, anytime, anywhere.” This is why it is mainly a mobile application.

If the computer is yours, record your Grindr sessions and interact with others later. Recorded Grindr sessions can be resumed on your desktop, phone or tablet.

If your whereabouts information is not available or displayed incorrectly, you may be presented with few matches or matches that are not in your area.

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