How to use Google Home with your iPhone

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Set up Google Assistant and control your speaker from an iOS device

What there is to know

  • Install and launch the Google Home iOS app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Select Start and log in. Select Configure and follow the instructions of the application.
  • Say Hey google or OK Google followed a question, request or command when the installation is complete.

This article explains how to set up and use Google Home with your iPhone. It includes information on using Google Home with compatible smart devices and the speaker limitations with iOS devices. These instructions apply to Google Home smart speakers and iOS devices with OS 11.0 or later.

Google Home smart speakers play music, answer questions, and control various smart gadgets installed in a house. Google Home relies on its Google Assistant, similar to how Amazon Echo relies on alexa and Apple devices use Siri.

The Google Home mobile app controls Google Home smart speakers and is available for Android and iOS devices. Here’s how to set up and use Google Home and Google Assistant with your iPhone or iPad.

To pair your Google Home smart speaker with your iPhone or iPad, you need Bluetooth turned on, an internet connection, and a secure Wi-Fi network. The iOS device must be connected to the same wireless network as the Google Home device.

  1. Connect your iPhone (or iPad) to the Wi-Fi network you use with the Google Home smart speaker.
  2. Plug in the Google Home smart speaker. Once it starts up, it asks you to run the Google Home app on a mobile device.
  3. Download and install the Google Home iOS app on your iPhone or iPad. Launch the app when it’s ready.
  4. On the application’s welcome screen, select start.
  5. Confirm your Google account or select Use another account to sign in to another account. Once confirmed, select okay.
  6. If Google Home finds the device, select the Configure icon, then follow the setup instructions. If Google Home couldn’t find the device, select the plus sign (+) in the upper left corner, then select Configure the device > Configure new devices.
  7. Google Home asks, “Where is this device? »Select the name of the room where the loudspeaker is stored, such as office, room bathroom,living room, roomto eat, or living room.
  8. Choose the Wi-Fi network you want to use to set up Google Home, then select next. Enter your Wi-Fi password and select Connect.
  9. After Google Home connects to Wi-Fi, set up Google Assistant. When Google requests device information and audio permissions and activity, select Yes I’m In for each of them.
  10. Teach Google Assistant to recognize your voice. Follow the prompts on the screen. When the voice match is complete, select Continue.
  11. Choose a assistant voice. Tap the voice you prefer.
  12. In the Authorize Results screen personal, select Allow to allow Google Home and the assistant to access personal information from your smartphone or tablet as needed.
  13. The Add Music Services screen allows you to link to a music service that you have an account with, such as Spotify or Pandora. Apple Music and iTunes are not compatible with Google Home.
  14. From on the Add your video services, select the plus sign (+) to link a video service such as Netflix.
  15. Sure the Almost Done screen, add payment information to authorize online purchases using verbal orders.
  16. Google Home may install a new update if an update is available. When it’s finished, Google Home is connected to your iPhone, and you can issue voice commands.

If you’re having trouble setting up a Google Home speaker, visit the Google troubleshooting website.

Talk and start using Google Home

Google Home monitors the room which room it is in and constantly listens for a voice command, such as Hey Google or OK Google. When he hears the voice command, he activates and listens to your question, request or command.

If you want Google Home to take a break and stop listening, turn off the switch on the bottom of the speaker.

Link compatible smart devices

If you want Google Home to control compatible smart devices, link those devices to the Google Home speaker using the Google Home mobile app on your iPhone or iPad.

Once you pair a smart device, control it using verbal commands. For example, after connecting the Philips Hue lighting system, for example Hey Google, turn on the lights of the living room or OK Google, dim the living room lights 50 percent.

Limitations of using Google Home with iOS devices

While Google Home works well with an iOS device, these smart speakers are not fully compatible with all apps and services in the Apple ecosystem, such as iTunes and Apple Music.

Consider using the Apple HomePod smart speaker if you want full Siri compatibility or if you have Apple HomeKit smart devices installed in your home. HomePod also works great with iTunes, the Music app, Apple Music service, and Apple TV.

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