How to use Facebook Messenger on Instagram and merge all its features? Step by step guide

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Recently a new update was released thanks to which it was possible to merge Messaging Facebook with the Instagram messaging. This is a significant enough step to improve the communication experience between users of the two social networks.

In this sense, from now on, Instagram’s direct and private messages will be integrated into Facebook Messenger, thethe world’s most widely used social network messaging service. As a result, two users can simultaneously interact between the two applications.

Do you know how to take advantage of this new functionality? . Throughout this post, you will learn how to use Facebook Messenger on Instagram, forhave a more satisfactory communication experience between platforms.

What are the advantages of combining all communications from Facebook applications (Instagram and WhatsApp)?

Linking accounts can be a good decision for a number of reasons. One of the main is that it dramatically streamlines processes, so youdon’t waste time performing tasks on each platform individually.

For its part, by merging between Instagram and Facebook, you can start posting any photos or videos you want from Instagram and share them directly to Facebook. Apart from that, it is highly recommended in case you want to increase the range or the interaction with your subscribers, sinceeach content reverts to its original source, which makes there is greater audience participation in both cases.

Keep in mind that Facebook is the social network with the most registered users, so you can take traffic from there to Instagram. In addition, Instagram’s algorithm rewards accounts with the highest interactions, so ifyou generate enough feedback, you can reach a higher place in the News Feed.

To make the experience more organized, the Instagram content you choose to share on Facebook will be stored in a specific folder titled “Instagram photos” or “Instagram Videos”. It should be mentioned that this is the first step of a large project, which hopes to be able to merge Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. It will be much easier to interact with all these platforms which benefit from more than a billion active users per month.

What new features can we take advantage of by combining Direct and FB Messenger?

This update day has with it a considerable amount of new features that were not previously available in Instagram chats.

Among them are the following:

  • Join video calls: From Instagram, you can use Messenger video calls.
  • Visualized together : This means that Facebook Watch videos, IGTV or Reels can be viewed simultaneously by groups of users.
  • Messaging temporary: the user can make the messages disappear once they are viewed or when a chat is closed.
  • Selfie stickers: possibility to create stickers with people’s faces, to place them in a conversation.
  • Change cat colors : Customize cats with different color gradients.
  • Custom emoji reactions: you can create a favorite emoji shortcut to react to messages sent to you by your friends.
  • Transmit and reply: You can transmit messages or respond directly to one of them.
  • Message Effects Animated: Animated messages and GIFs can be used in chats.
  • Message control: decide who can send you messages.
  • Improved reports and blocked updates day: this feature allows you to flag entire conversations in addition to individual posts on Instagram. Additionally, you may receive proactive lockdown suggestions in Instagram and Messenger after joining the accounts in the Account Center section.

Currently, the possibility of combining the applications is optional for users, i.e.whether they have the power to choose whether or not they want to opt for it.

In case it catches your eye and you want to try it out, here’s how to use Messenger on Instagram and combine its features:

  • The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have a active account on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Having examined this aspect, you have than to open one or the other application and you will appreciate that a new message is displayed which aims to inform you that you have this integration.
  • If you don’t see this option, check whether Facebook or Instagram needs to be updated. Update them if necessary.
  • Once done you can start to talk to your contacts through the two apps.

If you prefer to disable this feature, both on Instagram and Facebook Messenger, you need to do the following:

  • Access your user profile.
  • Settings tap.
  • See you in the privacy settings.
  • Connect to messages.
  • Deactivate the option to receive new messages from Instagram or Facebook Messenger in depending on the application.

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