how to use ephemeral messages that self-destruct after reading

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It is now possible to send ephemeral messages on Messenger via Vanish mode. We explain how to use them.

Two weeks ago, a new feature appeared on Facebook’s messaging app. Indeed, ephemeral messages are now available on Messenger. But what is their particularity? Vanish Mode ephemeral message self-destructs after the other party reads it and closes the conversation window. Something to remind us of the most beautiful hours of Mission Impossible and cult “This message will self-destruct in five seconds”.

For memory, Facebook Messenger and Instagram messaging become one. However, the Vanish mode is not yet available on the latter. We detail in this article how to activate it on Messenger. So you have two different ways you can use Vanish mode.

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Messenger: here’s how to activate Vanish mode

First, you can swipe your finger from bottom to top in the conversation window. The text “Hold down to activate ephemeral mode” will appear in the interface. You will then be redirected to a new window where it will be possible to send an ephemeral message.

There is also another way to benefit from Vanish mode. To do this, you must first access the parameters via the “i” symbol. Which nestles at the top of the conversation, on the right side. Then, press the section “Ephemeral mode” then activate the feature. Then just go back and you will have access to your conversation embellished with Vanish mode.

It is obviously possible to return to a normal conversation by pressing “Deactivate ephemeral mode”. A tab that appears at the top of the ephemeral conversation. Otherwise, you will be notified if your interlocutor takes a screenshot of the message.

For information, It is possible to delete a compromising message on Messenger. Useful if you have declared your love to the wrong person. There are also a slew of new features on Facebook Messenger. Finally, note that ephemeral messages also exist on WhatsApp. With the difference that the latter disappear only after seven days.

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