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How to use Apple Fitness +

Apple Fitness + is now available to Apple Watch users with 180 workouts in 10 different categories. While the service is available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, there are a few differences between going depending on the device you are using. Let’s take a look at how to use Apple Fitness + in detail.

Apple Fitness + automatically appears in the Fitness app (renamed from the Activity app) on iPhone after updating to iOS 14.3. However, on iPad you will have to download the Fitness app manually. At launch, some iPad users had some issues with the drive service. But the problem seems to be solved for the most part.

Apple requirement Watch

Apple Watch Series 3 or later is required for Apple Fitness +. However, after completing the initial setup for the service, you can do fitness + workouts without the laptop on iPhone and iPad. For now, you’ll need your Apple Watch to do workouts on Apple TV.

Here is the prompt that you will get if your iPhone or iPad cannot find your Apple Watch:

How to use Apple Fitness + without Apple Watch after registration

iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV

  • Fitness + is automatically included in the Fitness app on the iPhone app and Workout on the Apple Watch after updating to iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7.2.
  • The Fitness app appears on your Apple TV home screen after updating to tvOS 14.3


  • You will need to download the new Fitness app since the app store
    • If you have some of the first problems on iPad like others, give it a chance using iPhone or Apple TV for now.


  • Open the Fitness app
  • Tap the Fitness + tab at the bottom
  • Tap “Continue”, then choose if you want to share Fitness + data with Apple
  • Now choose a plan / free trial
    • If you are an Apple One Premier subscriber, you will be taken directly to the Fitness + home screen without having to choose a plan since it is included
    • Your free trial length will depend on whether you’ve purchased an Apple product recently.
    • Learn more about the free trial details here for Best Buy Customers, UHC Customers, Life Time Fitness Club Members, and if you’ve recently purchased an Apple device.


  • On your iPad make sure you have installed iPadOS 14.3
  • Download the Fitness app here (or search for fitness in the App Store)
  • Launch the app and follow the prompts to sign up if you haven’t already on iPhone or Apple TV
  • You will notice for the iPad Fitness app, it’s just Fitness + (no summary or sharing tabs)

Apple tv

  • On tvOS 14.3, you will see the new Fitness app appear on your home screen
  • Open the app and you will be walked through the setup process, including the “Try It Free” prompt to register.
    • Choose the annual or monthly plan that will start after your free trial (€ 9.99 / month or € 79.99 / rings)
  • Like the iPad, the Apple TV Fitness app only includes Fitness + (no Summary or Share sections)

Here’s what it looks like on Apple TV:How to use Apple Fitness + on Apple TV 2

Starting a meeting apple drive Fitness +

  • Now that you’re up and running with Fitness +, it’s easy to start a workout
  • For the best experience, be sure to wear your Apple Watch
  • Head to the Fitness app and the Fitness + tab on iPhone (just the Fitness app on iPad or Apple TV) and choose a workout
    • You can use the categories at the top of the app, and even choose “Filter” at the top right corner to search by trainer, time and music.
  • When you have selected a ‘Let’s Go’ workout tap (you can also preview workouts to get a 30 second look)
  • Now you can press the play button on your iPhone / iPad / Apple TV or also start training from your watch which should also have a large green play button on it.

End a meeting apple drive Fitness +

  • Workouts will end automatically if you stay with her until the end
  • If you need to end a workout before it’s done, tap your screen, tap the X in the corner, now choose “End Workout”

Sharing a meeting apple drive Fitness +

At the end of your workout, you can share your performance with others if they are watching on an Apple device (tap green arrow with square icon). Otherwise, users on desktop, Android, and other devices will just see a preview of the Apple Fitness + Workout that you completed without your performance.

Remember to take a cooling workout to take care of your body.



You can also listen to the workout soundtrack on Apple Music by tapping “Listen in Music” towards the bottom of each workout.

Favoritism workouts

Another handy feature is the addition of workouts to the “My Workouts” section. Look for the “+ Add” button just above “Let’s Go”. You can find your recorded workouts at the bottom of the Fitness + tab on the iPhone app and Fitness on iPad and Apple TV.

Burn bar

There is no ranking for Apple Fitness + but there is a leader-esque / competitive component: the optional Burn Bar. Here’s how Apple describes it:

The Burn Bar watch your efforts compared at others who have does the training . Yes the Burn Bar is in square, your data in do part anonymously. This session training born will not sent.

You get to see your burn bar during workouts as well as at the end. After you complete one of your first workouts, you will have the option to keep the burn bar or turn it off.

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