How to update your PlayStation 5

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Here’s how to update your PlayStation 5 automatically and manually, as well as what to do if the process doesn’t work.

Like any modern device, your PlayStation 5 regularly receives updates that add new features, fix issues, and correct security issues. While your PS5 is capable of keeping itself up to date, you can also check for updates manually if needed.

Here’s how to update your PlayStation 5 and what to do if the update isn’t working properly.

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How to Update Your PlayStation 5

With your PS5 on, select the gear Settings at the top right of the home screen. This will bring up your console’s options menu.

In this menu, scroll to the heading System and select it.

Then make sure that the section System software is highlighted on the left. Then select Update and settings of system software in the list of options.

You must now select Update system software .

However, during this time, we recommend that you activate both Download update files automatically and Install update files automatically , if they are not already.

These options allow your system to automatically apply future updates while your PS5 is in rest mode, so you don’t have to check them yourself. Just keep in mind that if a game is suspended in idle mode when your PS5 applies an update, you will lose any unsaved progress.

You must also access Settings> Energy saving> Features available in idle mode and make sure that the Stay connected to the Internet option is enabled, so that your system downloads updates even while sleeping.

Back on the system software update options, to check for the latest updates, the most convenient option is Update via Internet . See below for more information on updating via USB.

When you select this option, your PS5 will scan for the latest fixes and let you know if it finds any to download. Once the download is complete, your system must restart to apply it.

During this time you will see that you have the latest version of the system software if your console is already updated.

If You Can’t Update Your PS5

If an update is available, but your PS5 does not install it correctly using the above method, make sure your system is connected to the internet.

To check this, go back to the main menu Settings from your console and select Network> Connection status . Make sure you’re online and signed into PlayStation Network.

If your PS5 is permanently offline or has a major update problem, you can update using a USB flash drive. To do this you will need format a USB stick in FAT32 using your computer. Once formatted, create a folder called “PS5” (all caps) on the drive. In this folder, create another folder called “UPDATE” (also in upper case).

Then download the latest file of PS5 update to from the PS5 system software page of Sony . Make sure you have the update file ; the ps5 reinstall file below is for completely reinstalling the system software, which is similar to a factory reset.

Now connect the USB stick to your PS5. Go to Settings> System software update and settings> Update system software> Update from USB drive to install it.

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Your PS5 Is Updated And Ready

Keeping your PS5 up to date will allow you to enjoy the latest features and the best system stability. Fortunately, the system will do this for you with the right options enabled so you don’t have to manually run it very often.

Now that your PS5 is up to date, don’t forget to take advantage of backward compatibility by transferring your PS4 data!

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