How to unlock Apple ID from iPhone?

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In recent years, we’ve grown a little bit used to that old cliché that iPhones are only terminals for people with money. Not only has Apple released cheaper versions of its phones, like the iPhone SE or the Mini variants of its latest generations, but there is also a huge market for used equipment. Unfortunately, if you buy a used iPhone, you run the risk of having it locked. Therefore, if you need unlock the Apple ID of a iPhoneThen we will show you what programs and steps are required to be able to use the device. You will see that it is less difficult than it seems.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that this tutorial not only applies to locked iPhones, but we will also show you how to unlock an iPad or how to unlock an iPod Touch. You do not have to worry, because we will tell you about LockWiper and how to take advantage of it to achieve this goal.

Of course, in principle you should try to avoid these issues, sticking with whoever sells you the device and reviewing it well before paying for it. But if it was impossible, we still know how to remove Apple ID from iPhone without password | Free solutions. And we will explain it to you in detail so that you don’t get lost.

What does it take to unlock Apple ID from iPhone?

If after purchasing an iPhone you find to your surprise that it is associated with an identifier or a code, and the seller does not give you an answer, you will have to use an application specially developed for him, such as LockWiper.

It’s important that you understand this as soon as possible: Unless you want your new iPhone to be just a clipboard, you’ll have to get yourself in the hands of third-party software. This one in particular is able to unlock your phone from both Face ID and Touch ID, which is why we chose it. Without model limits or iOS versions which is quite common when we are looking for free tools that can fix the problem.

Considering this, you need to add computer and cable to connect your iPhone to PC. Nothing more.

unlock apple id iphone 3

What can we do with this program?

Yes, it is clear that what we can do with this program is find out how to unlock locked iPad without passcode. Or an iPhone. or an iPod Touch. But there are other issues that are worth it.

Without going any further, let’s quickly summarize the circumstances under which you should take advantage of this platform:

  • To regain access to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch when we no longer remember the lock code
  • Disable the time limit set by the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch when you make a mistake when entering the unlock code, a very common failure, more than you might think
  • If the person who sold us the iPhone does not provide us with the passcode or unlock code
  • If the screen of iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is broken and the panel is unresponsive, preventing you from entering the unlock code
  • When neither Touch ID nor Face ID recognizes us
  • When we intend to eliminate the limitation set by the Duration of use function
  • unlock Apple ID iPhone 4

    Lockwiper allows us to perform many of the functions that we might consider essential in these cases. As we said in the previous section, first we will need to connect our device to the PC or Mac where the app is installed. When the two artifacts synchronize, it will be necessary to trust the computer to access them.

    At this point, you will find four main functions, which you can easily perform:

  • Unlock Apple ID
  • Unlock screen password
  • Unlock screen time password
  • Skip MDM
  • Typically, most readers will be interested in the option to remove Apple ID. It is essential that you know that if you want to perform this procedure, all content on the device will be lost. In general, of course, everyone is ready to do this, because it is worse to end up with a useless mobile.

    Further details relate to the fact that our Apple account will be required if Find My iPhone is enabled. In turn, removing iPhone usage restriction or Screen Time feature will not erase phone content. But you will need to turn off Find My iPhone first.

    Otherwise, the menus are completely intuitive, so you shouldn’t have a problem navigating them. You will have full control over each of your actions, depending on the role you have established.

    If you have any doubts on how to unlock Apple ID from iPhone, just take a look at this video:

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