How to turn the Xbox Game Bar on or off in Windows 10

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The Xbox Game Bar is enabled by default in Windows 10. It is accessed with the Windows + G key combination. However, for many people this is not really necessary and sometimes they end up activating it by mistake. mid-game, something that can be uncomfortable. For this reason we will see how to enable or disable Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10.

While the Xbox Game Bar can be useful for many things such as: seeing a game’s FPS, what resources we are consuming, recording the screen, sharing with friends, etc. However, many Windows 10 users don’t really need it at all and all they want to do is play without any distractions.

The first thing we’re going to do is go to “Windows 10 Settings” by pressing Windows + I. We can also press “Start” and then click on the gear icon on the left.

In “Windows Settings” we will have to click on the “Games” section. And then we’re going to go to the left sidebar of the screen and click on “Xbox Game Bar”.

Turn Xbox Game Bar on or off in Windows 10

In this section we are going to find the possibility to activate or deactivate the Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10. It is enough to move the switch by clicking on it to activate or deactivate it immediately.

When finished, open a game and press “Windows + G”. You will see that the bar no longer appears and you can play calmly. Obviously, if you want to reactivate the Xbox Game Bar, you will have to repeat the steps we discussed above and that’s it.

When we have a remote control Xbox 360 or Xbox one on our computer. By default, when we press the Xbox button (the circle with the Xbox logo that appears in the middle of the controller), the toolbar opens. Xbox games.

To deactivate it from the controller, we just go to Windows Settings> Games and then we will have to deactivate the option “Open the Xbox game bar with this button on a controller”.

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