How to turn off touchscreen on Android during video playback

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One of most popular activities on Android, with games and social media – this is the watching movies or video clips. With the quality of our screens, the speed of connections and streaming offers, it is indeed a favorite hobby for our readers.

On the other hand, one of the major concerns isstopping the video by accident. A simple touch of the screen and… damn! The video stops, even worse, the video player closes. We must therefore relaunch and find the scene. It happens to me regularly on Netflix and its free Android alternatives, it’s annoying!

Unless do you know the tricks? Indeed it is possible topin an app on Android to avoid this. It is also possible to use applications like Touch Lock – handy for children.

Enabling app pinning on Android, it’s fast

Indeed, the option allows you to block an app on your screen. You will find below the procedure for Android 10. You can also switch directly to Touch Lock if you prefer an app.

  • See you in the Settings
  • Go down to Advanced Preferences
  • At the bottom you will find Screen pinning
  • Activate the Android option
  • Unroll the apps
  • Click on the little pin and that’s it

Opt for apps like Touch Lock

Your Android configuration will differ depending on the version. Quite simply, you can install a tool like Touch Lock. You will be able configure video apps to block. The release with 2 steps also asks for a code which makes it a great option for parents. Below is a example with YouTube as well as the download link.

  1. Touch Lock for YouTube - Kids Video Touch Blocker

    Touch Lock for video applications like YouTube

    As you can see above, the application Touch Lock is very simple. You can activate it on several video applications such as YouTube and Netflix. Activation maybe manual or automatic. You will have to tap twice on the floating icon – its size and transparency are variable besides. Parents appreciate it and children too!

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