How to turn off SMS on Facebook Messenger

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It’s been a while since the SMS function on the Messenger application exist. With this update, in addition to chatting with your Facebook contacts, you can send and receive SMS directly on Messaging. Being able to manage both your chats with your Facebook network friends and your SMS from one place is great! However, the option of texting on Messenger is not without its drawbacks.

The main downside of messaging is the fact of combining the list of open discussions in the app with all SMS received. All conversations are listed in the same window in chronological order. This is confusing. Therefore, many users prefer deactivate the SMS function on Messenger. Are you too tired of confusing contacts on this messaging system? Keep sending premium text messages believing they are chat messages? Find out how disable SMS on Facebook Messenger.

SMS on Facebook Messenger: how to deactivate this feature?

You no longer want to receive your SMS on Messenger ? The solution is change the default SMS application. The following steps allow you to disable theintegration of SMS in Messenger.

  • Launch the Messenger application on your Android
  • At the top left, tap your profile picture before which appears the word “Discussions“.
  • Now press the option Text and disable the button that appears on your mobile screen.

From then on, you no longer receive your texts on Messenger. The SMS will appear instead on the “Messages” application on your Android.

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    Download the latest update to Facebook Messenger for keep in touch with your family and friends. The application combines SMS and Facebook messages in one place.



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