How to turn off smart compose and reply features in Gmail

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Although they can be very useful, you may want to deactivate the functions of reply Yes Writing clever at Gmail. It would be like auto-complete and auto-reply suggestions in Google mail, which is kind of annoying sometimes.

What is smart writing and responding?

The smart answer function or auto reply shows us three quick responses at the bottom of an email. They can be used to respond quickly without having to type anything.

In the case of the smart dial function or Automatic entry, gives us the ability to have predictive text suggestions when we write an email, something similar to keyboards on mobile devices.

It is possible to turn off both functions in the Google mail settings, this is something we can do from the web or the mobile device.

To do this, we will need to access the Gmail site from our web browser. Once we’re here, we click on the configure button (it’s a gear icon) which is in the upper right corner of the screen. A new menu will appear and we will have to choose the option “See all configurations”.

Input suggestions disabled.

In this new page we will have several tabs, we choose “General”. Now we scroll down until we find the “Smart Writing” section and we will have to check the option “Input suggestions disabled“It’s on the right side so you can turn off the option.

Quick response disabled.

We go a little lower and we will find “Smart response”, again we click on the option “Smart response disabled”On your right, to deactivate the function.

We save the changes and this is how we can turn off smart dialing response in Gmail.

To apply the changes, we will have to click on “Save changes” at the bottom of the page and that’s it. This is the only thing we need to do from the web to be able to turn off both options.

Turn off smart reply and dial in Gmail from mobile devices

Configuration from the mobile.

From a mobile phone such as iPhone or Android, it is extremely easy to do this. We open the Gmail app and we will have to click on the three lines that are on the left side at the top of the screen.

Configuration from the mobile device.

We go down until we find the option “Settings”.

Select the email.

Here we will have to select the email account where we will disable these functions.

Turn off reply and smart dialing in Gmail.

We just scroll down to find “Smart Answer” and “Smart Writing” and uncheck both. After that we will have to go back as we normally would, the changes will be applied immediately.

This easy way is to turn off smart reply and dial in Gmail. As you can see, this is extremely quick and easy to do.

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