How to turn off repeating message alerts on an iPhone

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The iPhone has by default an option to remind you of the presence of an unread message in your inbox. Usually this notification is triggered two minutes after receiving the SMS. In some situations, the repetition of these alerts can quickly become overwhelming. Here’s how to turn off this feature in order to no longer be bothered by unwanted notifications.

Prevent iPhone from snoozing SMS notifications

When you receive an SMS on your iPad or iPhone, it emits an audible alert to notify you of a new message. Nothing very exceptional, you will tell me. All smartphones today have such a feature.

But unlike competing products, Apple mobile devices issue a second alert a few minutes later in case you missed the first. This feature is enabled by default on all devices running iOS 11 or higher. It is triggered automatically if the SMS is not read.

Obviously as with all things, there are advantages and disadvantages to using this option. If you don’t spend your days staring at the screen of your smartphone, it can be useful to receive an alert to remind you to read a message.

You may also find it annoying to be disturbed when you did not want to immediately consult a new message. As you already know, not all SMS are equally important. If you have an important job to finish, you don’t want to be bothered by incessant notifications.

Indeed, it is difficult to concentrate and work with a telephone which rings twice two minutes apart for the same message. Here is the procedure to block the repetition of alerts when receiving messages on the iMessage app.

  • Open your iPhone or iPad settings
  • Click on the Notifications section
  • Select the Messages menu (green icon topped with a comic bubble)
  • Then press Repeat alerts in the option section
  • Select the Never option if you want to receive a single notification when a new message arrivesEnable the never option on message alerts

Apple allows users to set up to 10 message alerts. These will then be triggered automatically every two minutes on your device. Important detail, the first notification sent when a new message arrives is not considered a reminder.

Concretely, this means that if you have selected 5 snooze alerts, your phone or tablet will ring (at most) 6 times to notify you of the arrival of an SMS. Obviously, the alert device is deactivated when the message is read.

Note that it is not possible to modify the interval between each alert. It is automatically set to two minutes. As a reminder, here is the procedure to follow to turn off iPhone notifications.

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