How to turn off online status on Instagram

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Like on the Facebook app, Instagram in turn allows you to hide your online status for more discretion if you want no one to know you’re logged in.

We often tend to check our friends’ list to see who’s online or not before texting or calling them. It reminds me of the good old days of MSN Messenger and its different statuses: “online” status, “busy” status, “away”, “eaten away” and “appear offline” status.

Regarding Instagram, this is a green badge that appears right next to your profile picture or the profile of your contacts in the private conversations window, a way to know if your contact is online or not. before sending him a message.

So if you don’t want to show your friends that you are online on this network and avoid being contacted or just to use the application discreetly, it is possible to deactivate your online status but in return, you too can also can’t see if the friends in your list are online or not! It’s reciprocal just like on Facebook and WhatsApp.

How to turn off online status on Instagram

The trick is very easy and it only requires a few steps to follow and apply on your Instagram smartphone app, then the change is automatically applied on the web (Desktop) version of Instagram.

# 1. Open the app on your mobile and log in with your account as usual.
# 2. Click on the profile icon or your avatar at the bottom right of the screen to go to your profile.
# 3. Click on the menu with three small bars at the top right (just above your number of subscriptions) to access the Settings

# 4. Then scroll down to the Security and Privacy section
# 5. Select Online Status
# 6. Disable the option View online status

There you go, no one knows if you’re online on Instagram!

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