How to turn off notifications from Windows 10

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It is quite possible to deactivate notifications from your Windows 10 as well as all notifications from installed applications on the latter. In this short guide, we will try to explain how to proceed.

The Windows 10 operating system and also certain installed applications or certain games do not hesitate to send you numerous notifications on your desktop computer or your Laptop PC to indicate an update or to remind you to play or to visit website or checking a news item, which can quickly become maddening and very inconvenient over time.

Windows 10 fortunately allows you to turn off notifications from the system or a particular app and here’s how:

1. Disable Windows 10 notifications
To turn off all notifications on Windows 10, follow these steps

1. Press the “Start”From Windows 10
2. Then go to Settings
3. Then click on System
4. On the left pane of the window System, click on Notifications and actions
5. In the “Notifications” section, deactivate the option Get notifications from apps and other senders.

After you complete the steps, apps and other senders can no longer send you notifications.

2. How to activate them now
Now to enable notifications, just follow the same steps as given in the disabling procedure above, except that in step 5, instead of disabling the option Get notifications from apps and other senders, activate it!

3. Disable notifications from apps installed on Windows 10
We have already explained in a previous article how to disable notifications from applications installed on Windows 10, so go to this article:
How to turn off app notifications on Windows 10

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