how to turn off automatic download of images and videos

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Disabling automatic downloading of images, videos and audio files on WhatsApp helps to avoid storage space troubles over time. By default, the media are downloaded automatically when the user is connected via WiFi. In 4G / 5G, this is the case for photos only. If you want to turn everything off, regardless of the connection type, here’s how.

WhatsApp has become a must have messaging app for keeping in touch with friends, relatives and acquaintances near and far. A significant number of files are exchanged daily via the application, especially for users registered in multiple discussion forums. These famous groups through which are shared dozens, even hundreds of Pictures, videos and other large files.

This can pose two types of problems: a considerable impact on the data envelope and in the long run concerns about insufficient storage space. It ends up happening even with a comfortable 256 GB memory.

How to turn off automatic download of images on WhatsApp

On Whatsapp, disable downloading images is easily done in a few steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner then tap Settings
  • Select Storage data usage in the options list
  • Under section Auto Media Download, choose a connection mode among the three listed: mobile data, Wi-Fi or roaming
  • You have different types of files listed: Photos, Audio, Videos and Documents. Deselect each of them to disable automatic download for the corresponding option
  • Repeat the process for the other connection modes, depending on the media types for which you want to disable or keep the automatic download.

Finally, be aware that for voice messages, it is not possible to disable their automatic download on WhatsApp. The voice notes will therefore be automatically retrieved if you are connected. Note also that it is possible to compress data streams during voice or video calls, the goal being to reduce the amount of data used when you communicate in 4G / 5G.

To activate compression, go to Settings> Storage data usage. Toggle the switch next to the option Use less data for calls.

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