How to turn off an iPhone Very simple!

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For different reasons, it is very important to know how to turn off an iPhone. It might sound simple, which it sure is. However, many people are not sure what to do to turn off the cell phone.

In today’s article we will see how we should proceed to turn off your phone correctly, either using the hardware buttons on the device or from the same iOS setup options.

When we need to turn off an iPhone quickly and simply, the best way to do it is by using the device’s power button, the physical button of the device. The way to do this will vary a bit depending on the iPhone model.

  • With the start button and the side button: we will have to press and hold the side button for a few seconds until a sliding command appears on the screen that will allow us to turn off the device.
  • With start button and top button: we keep the top button pressed until the scroll bar appears on the screen.
  • Without home button: we will have to press and hold the side button and the volume down or volume up button for a few seconds until a cursor appears on the screen.
  • In any of the three cases, a cursor will appear saying “Slide to turn off“We just place our finger on the white circle and slide to the right side.

    From this moment, the device will turn off immediately and completely. To turn it back on, we have to do as usual.

    Turn off an iPhone from settings options

    IPhone Settings.

    Another way to shut down an iPhone is through the setup options. For this, the first thing we need to do is enter “Settings” via the gear icon.

    General menu.

    Once we are in the configuration section, we will have to go to “General”.

    Turn off the iPhone.

    In the “General” screen, we’ll scroll down until we reach the option that says “Disable”.

    Slide to turn off.

    When we tap on it, we will see that the “Slide to turn off” bar appears at the top of the screen. Here we place our finger on the icon on the left and drag it to the right.

    Once we’ve done that, the device will start the shutdown process, which is pretty quick.

    We already know how to turn off an iPhone with two fairly simple methods. ButHow we light it? This is obviously something quite important and considerably simple.

    What we’ll need to do is just press and hold the top or side button on the device until the Apple logo appears on the screen. After a few moments the phone will boot the operating system and we will have the lock screen available to start using it.

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