How to triple your number of insta views in 3 steps?

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Are you frustrated with the low visibility of your Stories and want more of your followers to see them?

Your audience, brands and customers want content for their stories. Why ? Because Instagram Stories have a high conversion rate and allow you to communicate more intimately with your audience than an organized post feed.

And if you regularly post Stories and feel daunted that only the same friends are viewing your Stories, don’t despair!

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Here are some simple tips to increase the number of views of your stories without having to buy instagram view, instagram likes or instagram followers.

1. Less is more

Try to be selective in your stories and don’t just mess around. We all have Islander friends who post dozens of stories every day, and you end up skipping them without even looking at them. Consider that a dozen stories is the maximum you can post per day, this will allow you to focus and strengthen your engagement.

2. Use interactive elements

Add interactive elements to each story. This makes your story active even if it’s a static image post. Even if your story is just a behind-the-scenes image of your pet, add a poll, slider, question box, or quiz to engage your viewers! The more responses you get, the more your stories will be seen. Insta’s algorithm is engagement based. Do not forget it!

3. Use hashtags, tags and places

Add hashtags, mention friends and locations. This expands the reach of your Stories, as they can now be seen by people who don’t follow them, depending on the hashtags or places they visit. For example, if you are at that popular store, use the location and tag them! There is a good chance your story will appear in the stream of people in the same location as you if you are minimally popular on insta.

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Start experimenting now!

Here it is, now go publish stories in a recurring and organized way to win more instagram views. Remember, they disappear after 24 hours, so it doesn’t matter if your story isn’t fabulous. And if you’re not ready to jump into video stories, start with static posts – you already have thousands of photos on your phone – your content is right there at your fingertips – no photos needed, so just start! A cute sunset, your baby, a cute store front, your toes on the beach, all your camera photos, start sharing now!

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