How to transfer your Android apps between 2 phones?

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One thing is certain, it is not that complicated. No need for a screwdriver or cable for that matter … just the process, a Bluetooth or Wifi connection and the guide, right here: follow the guide, follow Androidlista!

Most readers are in the same case as you. They have just moved from one phone to another thanks to a free update from your telecom vendor. Great news, but what to do with all that photos, data and apps? Similarly, you may have friends who want to recover your apps without having to look for them on the net. This article will be useful in this scenario as well.

How to extract APK files?

APK, kezako? It’s about executable format on Android, much like the. EXE on a PC. Once started, the program starts up. If you have extracted the APK file for your apps then the transfer is very easy. Otherwise, one of the best known tools for extract APKs on Android this is Application sharer or APK Share in English.

It’s very simple, first of all select the APK to transfer as below then then the transfer method, there are plenty of options! See below for download links.

Can we transfer APKs with other tools?

The answer is yes, it is very likely that you have already installed a android file manager app. If not then check out this collection Android files utilities. An APK being a file like any other, tools like ES File Explorer will do the trick very simply. Launch the application you already know well and go for example by Cloud Storage. This is undoubtedly the least technical option and therefore the easiest for everyone. If not you can also try the APK transfer via FTP.

You will find the information for these tools or similar below, feel free to share your experience in the comments we read them all and respond as soon as possible. Good transfer… without cables!

  1. Apk Share / App Send Bluetooth

    Apk Share / Application Sharing

    Here is the tool reviewed first, very practical, in French, it allowsextract APKs then transfer them.

  2. APK Extractor

    APK Extractor

    As indicated by his name, APK Extractor will only extract APKs. It will then be necessary to share them manually using the usual tools for transfers. It can be Google Drive for example. Use the tools at hand, otherwise …

  3. ES File Explorer

    ES File Explorer

    Otherwise this explorer will allow the manage files on your device or beyond with the Cloud. This app also allows you to perform actions such as file transfer between folders including installed SD cards.

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