How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone in seconds?

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If there’s something the folks at Apple have done well in recent years, it’s syncing between the different devices that are part of their product catalog. Indeed, it is really easy to synchronize information and content between two computers which were developed by the guys from Cupertino. Unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee us that we’re always getting the most out of your tools and options. Therefore, we will show you how transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone in a few seconds.

Basically, this happens because there are several ways to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone, between iPhone and iPad or vice versa. Therefore, if we want to get the most out of iOS and iPadOS, it is better to pay attention to the most direct and effective tutorials.

The best way to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone

Before you start, you should know that the easiest method to take your photos from iPhone to iPhone is AirDrop. This Apple solution itself must be activated in both devices to continue.

  • Once AirDrop is enabled on the source iPhone, you need to set it to All
  • You go to the second iPhone and do the same, you set it to All
  • We go back to the first iPhone, go to the photos, select the ones we want to share with the second device, and click on the icon in the left corner of the screen
  • A transfer interface will appear, which is unique to AirDrop
  • At this point, you need to reconcile the mobiles and, when they are detected, start the transfer. Exactly, to do this, you must accept the reception of the content on the target iPhone
  • The transfer speed of the photos will depend on the size of each one, as well as the capacity of the mobile or WiFi network to which you are connected, as well as the power of your model of iPhone. However, this is usually not a very time consuming procedure.

    As you may have noticed, in just few steps you can transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone without major inconvenience. Thanks to this trick that we have shown you, you will not only be able to send photos between devices, but also videos. However, in their case, you have to keep in mind that they will take longer because they have a higher weight.

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