How to Transfer Files from Android Device to Mac

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Despite their fierce competition, Google and Apple offer solutions to interconnect their products. Synchronizing files between Android and Mac requires the installation and configuration of a few tools but it is still possible. In this guide you will learn how to transfer photos or videos from Android smartphone to your Mac computer.

MacDroid displays Android content in Finder

If you have a Mac and an Android phone, you are certainly familiar with Android File Transfer software. The latter was developed by Google for connect an Android mobile to a Mac in a few clicks.

Unfortunately in practice, this is not the case. The software is unstable and prone to numerous crashes. Not to mention the slow file transfer as the photos arrive on the Mac hard drive.

However, no need to be discouraged. There are dozens of tools that can handle file transfer between an Android smartphone and a Mac. This is the case for example with the MacDroid software. It is a reliable utility developed by Mac users and proves to be much more powerful than Google’s solution.

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