How to teach your children about resilience

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Unfortunately, pain and suffering are a part of life and it is important to know how to cope with such times. In the case of children, the situation can be much more complicated. The death of a loved one or a simple change of house can affect a child’s emotional health.

That is why parents need to teach their children to know what resilience is and in this way to be able to overcome the complicated moments that they can have throughout their life.

What is resilience?

Resilience is nothing more than a person’s ability, be able to be strong in situations considered difficult and complicated. This ability must be learned from an early age. Parent education is essential so that children can learn to be resilient in the early years of life. Next, we’ll tell you how parents should work on resilience with their children.

Guidelines for parents to follow in teaching their children about resilience

First, children need to feel confident enough to be able to face certain challenges. The little ones need to know that every act has its consequences and for this to happen they need to make their own decisions. Children have to experiment and it is normal that sometimes they are right and other times they are wrong. The main thing is that they feel the support of their parents at all times and thus build their confidence.

Helping them develop their self-esteem is essential for learning what resilience is. To feel useful and capable, It undoubtedly helps the child to cope with the various problems that may arise throughout his life.

Another element that parents need to work with their children is the issue of frustration. Children need to know that there are times when things aren’t done the first time around and it’s okay to make mistakes. But for this reason, you don’t have to be frustrated, you have to be tenacious to get what you want.


Ultimately, it is very important that children know what resilience is from an early age. Parents need to teach their children that there is always a solution to everything and that it is important to find that path that allows you to be in the best possible way. It should be clear that children will suffer at different times in their lives and resilience is essential to help them overcome such complicated and difficult times.

It is normal for parents to have a really bad time when they see how their children are having a bad time and in pain, but it is something normal that has to happen and therefore has to be accepted. With tools such as resilience, children will hopefully be able to cope with these issues and dealing with feelings and emotions such as pain or sadness.

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