How to talk through your Nest Cam: two-way audio explained

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Smart home cameras from Nest aren’t just great ways to keep tabs on your home – or, in the case of the Nest Hello video doorbell, your front door. They are also very good communication devices.

You can use your camera to talk to people through the Nest companion app on your smartphone. So if you need to speak to a delivery guy or want to warn a contractor to remove their boots from your carpet, you can.

But how do you do that? Let us guide you – and if you’re a Nest owner, you’ll need to check out our full ecosystem guide.

The first thing you obviously need to do is make sure that your Nest Cam or Hello video doorbell is set up correctly and that your Nest companion app is ready to go.

Fortunately, everything is pretty easy to do. To get started, simply open the Nest app.

1) Choose the camera.
2) Press the Speak button.
3) Say something.
4) Press the Speak again to hang up.

Boom, you’re done. Be aware, however, that you cannot adjust the speaker volume on the camera. So if someone is hard of hearing, they may not be able to hear you too well.

Also be aware that on the Nest Hello, you get quick responses that will make the camera do the talking for you.

Updated for 2020: Long-term review of the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

You should already know that you can no longer turn off the status light on your Nest Cam and that people will still receive a visual indicator that you are saving them.

Google says the status light is always on when the camera recording sequence is “a clear visual indicator when your Nest cameras are on and sending video and audio to Nest.”

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