How to take screenshots in Firefox without an extension

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Surely you need to take a screenshot at different times while browsing the internet. How can we do it? Make catch of screen at Firefox it’s very simple and we don’t even need an extension. Which makes it a great option.

Although having extensions in Firefox gives us great advantages by adding new functions. However, the ideal is to try not to install too many extensions if we don’t want our browser to start consuming too many resources. So being able to take a screenshot without needing to install any plugins is really cool.

Mozilla Firefox has a tool for taking screenshots. Access to this function is quite simple and we just have to follow the steps that we will talk about a little below.

The first thing we’re going to do is open Firefox and the website we want to take a screenshot of. Once the site is open, we will go to the address bar at the top and we have to click on the three dots that are on the right side. Now we will select “Take a screenshot”From the drop-down list.

Firefox switches to screenshot mode and you will be able to take a screenshot in four different ways: a specific part of the page, the whole web, the visible part or a selected area.

The big advantage of being able to take screenshots in Firefox is the ability to take a screenshot of the entire website. We don’t need to slide down. We can take a full capture of the entire page without any problem.

Moreover, by selecting a specific area, we can record information in an extremely simple and fast way. Capture images that we couldn’t download otherwise and various other things.

Basically the screenshot feature in Firefox is quite good and useful. Best of all, we don’t need to install any extensions.

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