How to take an Instagram poll

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Ask your followers questions they can answer

I like, direct comments, direct messages, and stories are the most obvious ways to engage with your Instagram followers. Still, polls are a great (and potentially potentially fun) way for your followers to participate in your feed.

Two Instagram features allow you to create polls. You can create a poll in an Instagram story or in a direct message.

Since all not you features for stories and direct messaging features can only be used on the official Instagram mobile app, you can only create Instagram polls on the app and not through a web browser at Instagram .com.

Instagram Stories are occasional photos or short videos that help you share what you’re doing right now with your followers. When you post a new story, it appears in your followers’ home tabs as a tea bubble. top of the power supply and automatically disappears after 24 hours.

  1. to Open device or the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device, and if necessary, log in to your account or switch to the account you want to use. sign
  2. screen Select tab your profile picture bubble Story at the top of the house stream or drag directly sure screen from Home Stream to access the Camera Story tab.
  3. Take a photo or record a video to create your story. Use filters, stickers or editing effects to customize your story just the way you want it.
  4. From the story preview tab, select the sticker button at the top of the screen.
  5. Select the sticker Poll.
  6. Type a question you want to ask your followers in the Ask a question… field.
  7. It can be a yes / no question (which is the default survey answer) or you can ask a question that involves customizing two different answers (such as black / white, hot / cold, today today / tomorrow, on / off, etc)
  8. If you want to customize your two survey responses, select the button Yes and type the desired answer on the field. Do the same with the button No .
  9. When you are satisfied with your survey, select select Made in the upper right corner.
  10. Your survey will appear on your story. You can select and hold your finger on it to drag it around your screen and you can even pinch two fingers on it and drag them outward or inward to customize its size.
  11. Once you choose how satisfied you are with the appearance of your survey on your story, select Your history at the bottom left of the screen to post it on your stories, select Friends relatives to share it only with who you have chosen as your closest friends in the app or select To send and choose friends to send it to them.

Instagram direct messages are private messages that you can send and receive from people you follow and follow back. You can have direct message conversations with individuals or groups.

  1. In right the which like paper. Instagram app, Go to your direct message inbox by selecting the messages button (which looks like a paper airplane) in the upper right corner of the home feed.
  2. Select icon pencil in the right upper right corner to start a new message and choose your recipient / recipients. Or alternatively, select an existing message to continue the conversation. An even faster method of sending a survey as a direct message is to select your. the icon camera next to any existing message in your inbox. This bypasses having to open the message conversation first.
  3. In the new or existing message conversation, select the button of the camera blue in the message field at the bottom to bring up the tab camera tab.
  4. Take a photo or record a video for your message. Personalize your photo or video message as you want with filter, stickers, edits or whatever you want.
  5. From the photo / video message preview, select the button sticker at the top of the screen. . of
  6. Select the sticker POLL.
  7. Type a question you want to ask your message recipient / recipients in the Poser a question… field. You can ask it as a yes / no question or you can ask a question that has two different custom answers.
  8. To customize your two survey responses, select the YES button and type your answer in the field. Repeat with the button NO.
  9. When you have finished creating your survey, select Made in the upper right corner.
  10. Your survey will appear on your photo or video message. Select and hold it to drag it around your hold screen or pinch two fingers and drag them outward or inward to customize its size.
  11. When you’re done, select select Made in the upper right-hand corner.
  12. Direct messages are allowed to be replayed by default, but you can change it to view it only once in selecting VIEW ONCE at the bottom of the screen. . If you want to keep the message in chat indefinitely so that it never goes away, you can select KEEP IN CHAT. If you want to give your recipients time to think about their response, it might help define the message to allow replay or keep in the chat.
  13. Select the image bubble in profile friend or friends in the lower center of the screen to send your photo / video message or add other recipients by selecting To send at others and selecting people from the list to send it to them.

When to use story polls vs. direct message polls

Instagram offers two great ways to conduct surveys, but which one should you use? And when? Here are some tips:


  • You have a massive following that you want to keep engaged.
  • You have a general question that can apply to anyone.
  • You want to better understand what your subscribers are doing or dislike the gold content you post.


  • You want to gather information from a more intimate group of friends rather than a large large group of strangers.
  • Your question is specific and only applies to certain people.
  • You don’t want to overwhelm all of your followers with too much story content and risk losing followers because of it.

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