How to take advantage of Teleparty, the new version of Netflix Party?

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Since October 7, the extension Netflix Party, previously exclusive to the platform of the same name, has been renamed Teleparty. In addition to a new name, it is compatible with Disney +, but also HBO and Hulu for American viewers.

This Google Chrome extension allows you to watch films and series together, remotely and simultaneously. It also offers features such as video playback synchronization and a chat option to chat with your loved ones.

In addition to Google Chrome, it is now downloadable on the Microsoft Edge browser. To mark the difference with Netflix Party, the “NOT“red that was previously in your list of extensions will now appear as an icon”TP“.

For the pleasure of its users, Teleparty remains completely free and available worldwide.

Download and use Teleparty

If you want to organize a night of watching Netflix or Disney Plus movies, with your friends, living far away from you, then here are the 6 steps to follow:

  • From your desktop version of Chrome, go to and click Install Teleparty.
  • You will then be directed to the Chrome Web Store page, select Add to Chrome / Microsoft Edge.
  • When the icon TP red appears in your list of extensions, pin it to your toolbar.
  • Go to Netflix, Disney +, then click TP.
  • Launch the extension and choose if you want to have exclusive control of the playback controls.
  • To invite participants, copy the URL and send it to your friends.

Finally, they will then have to click on the link, then on the TP icon to join the “party”. Then you will see them appear in the chat window.

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