How to take advantage of black friday on the internet?

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Black Friday is a tradition that started in the United States. It has been celebrated for decades after Thanksgiving. It is a big phenomenon in the retail business which leads to a big increase in the economy of stores.

A day of big discounts which will mark the start of Christmas shopping and which will be a headache for many consumers. Appointment on this site to know the date of black friday this year. Purchases made during Black Friday are increasingly empowered by the digital environment as more and more users make their credit card purchases over the internet. Half of shoppers often use their credit cards to shop online, according to a European Consumer Report, and 40% of them say the ease of getting products online makes them buy more.

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How can I get the products I want at the best possible price?

Considering the avalanche of information generated on the internet in the days leading up to Black Friday, it is important to have a clear set of guidelines to avoid getting lost on the internet at the last moment and running out of money. best prices :

The stores

Note the URLs of the stores where you plan to buy. This may sound silly to you, but when the time comes, it will save you wasting a lot of time looking for the page.

Also, it will be very useful if you are already registered and confirmed in the most interesting e-commerce, otherwise you may see how the stock of the product you want is exhausted while you go through the registration process.


If you clearly know what you want to buy, use comparators on the internet to find the best price on the web. It is also possible to use Google Shopping, because it will automatically show you a list of the same product with its prices in different stores.

What do you really need?

Write a list of what you want to buy. These tips are useful for leveraging sales in physical stores as well as on the web.

But in e-commerce, besides the discounts that will be activated as soon as the clock strikes at midnight, there are offers called “flash” that will be available for a short period of time.

To conclude

Be reasonable. Remember that an offer is only good if you actually make a profit on the product, otherwise it will just be a waste of money.

Luckily, Black Friday week lasts for around 4-5 days in most stores, so considering the options we’ve mentioned will always be a good way to prepare.

Consider returns and refurbishments, have a plan, be prepared and be smart.

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