How to take a screenshot on Xbox Series X or S

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Capture and share your best gameplay moments

What there is to know

  • fast Quickly take a screenshot with the new buttonof sharing .
  • You can also take screenshots by pressing the button guide > Y.

This article details the methods of taking a screenshot on Xbox Series X or S consoles , using the Share button and the Guide button. It also covers how to change the resolution of screenshots and share them with others.

The new share button included on the Xbox Series X / S controller makes it easier than ever to take screenshots, which is essential when you’re in the heat of the moment and can’t afford to attract attention of the game while you scramble the menus.

Here’s how to take a screenshot on your Xbox Series X or S with the share button:

  1. Start playing a game on your Xbox Series X or S.
  2. When something happens that you want to document, immediately press the button Share on your Xbox Series X / S controller.
  3. A message will appear on the screen to verify that you have captured a screenshot.
  4. Push the button Guide if you want to view the screenshot.

You are sure to keep playing the game if you want to. Your screenshot will be available to view and share later, because it was saved to your Xbox Series X or S hard drive.

Since screenshots take up space, Microsoft gives you the flexibility to choose the quality of your shots. This option also changes the resolution for video recordings of game footage, which can eat up space even faster. If you want to prioritize taking the best shots possible rather than saving space, then you can increase the quality up to 1440p on your Xbox Series S, or 4K HDR on your Xbox Series X.

Here’s how to take screenshots on your Xbox Series X or S in any quality you want:

  1. Push the button Guide and go to Profile & system > Settings.
  2. Go to Preferences > Capture and share.
  3. Select Resolution of clip game resolution .
  4. Choose the resolution that you prefer.

Xbox Series S and X both support 720 and 1080p capture, while the Xbox Series X also supports 4k HDR capture.

Unless you’re taking pictures just to remember your own gaming exploits, you’re probably going to want to upload those screenshots to share with your friends. you’re Fortunately, Xbox Series X and S to few well. make make it easy to upload to Twitter if you want to share on social media, upload to your OneDrive, post to your feed, and a few other options as well.

How to share your Xbox Series X and S screenshots:

  1. Push the button Guide .
  2. Go to Capture & Share > Recent captures . Instead, navigate to Capture & Share > Share the last capture if you want to specifically share the last screenshot you took.
  3. Select the screenshot you want to share.
  4. Select the sharing method.
    • Activity feed: Share the screenshot of your activity feed.
    • Message: Allows you to send a message with the screenshot attached.
    • Twitter: Send the screenshot to your Twitter feed if you have a linked one.
    • See all optionsof sharing : Provides additional sharing options, such as uploading to your OneDrive or sharing with a club.
  5. Log in if prompted.
  6. Select Share now.

The share button is so handy that you’ll probably end up using it more often than not, but you don’t actually have to use it to take screenshots. it This is useful because the Xbox Series X and S are both fully compatible with controllers Xbox One and both devices. So, if you ever want to take a screenshot on your Xbox Series X or S with an Xbox One controller, use this method, which is very similar to taking a screenshot on Xbox One.

How to screenshot and share on Xbox Series X and S with guide button:

  1. Start playing a game on your Xbox Series X or S.
  2. When something happens that you want to capture, press the button Guide on your Xbox controller.
  3. When the Guide appears, press the Y .
  4. You will see a message stating that a screenshot has been captured.
  5. Press and hold the button guide to view your screenshot immediately, or continue playing and check it later. check

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