How to take a screenshot on Mac?

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If you are wondering how to take a screenshot on a Mac, you have come to the right place. We will see in this article the different options for taking screenshots on macOS. Especially since since macOS 10.14 Mojave, intuitive tools for capturing screenshots in image or video have been integrated.

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There are several options for making different types of screenshot on a Mac (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, etc.). If you are using the latest version of the system, the screenshot tool has an intuitive interface that offers different capture options. It’s up to you to choose the ones that suit you and record the screen as an image or video capture.

How to take a screenshot in macOS?

On macOS Mojave and later, simultaneously press the Shift ⇧ + Command (Cmd ⌘) + 5. You will find on the screen all the options you need to take any type of screenshot.

Capture the entire screen

Click on the first icon at the interface level. The cursor takes the form of a camera. Click anywhere on the screen to take a full screenshot of it, make changes as needed and then save the image.

Screenshot inside a window

Click on the second icon if you want to take a screenshot of a window. The cursor here takes the form of a camera. Click on the target window to capture only its content. Make the changes then save.

Take a capture of a bounded area

Click on the third icon if you want to take the screenshot of a specific area. The cursor takes the form of a camera. Click in the upper left corner of the area to be bounded and then drag the cursor to the lower right corner to draw the area. Click on capture in the menu options to take the capture. Make the changes then save.

You can also do Shift ⇧ + Command (Cmd ⌘) + 3 to take a quick full screenshot and Shift ⇧ + Command (Cmd ⌘) + 4 to select part of the screen only.

How to take a video screenshot on macOS?

To take a video screenshot on macOS Mojave, always do the keyboard shortcut Shift ⇧ + Command (Cmd ⌘) + 5. Video capture options start from the 4th icon . Click on it then on the button Record to the right of the menu to start a video capture of the entire screen. Click the fifth capture icon to outline a fixed area of ​​the screen that you want to capture video from. To stop video recording, do Command + Control + Esc (Esc).

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