How to take a screenshot in Windows 10 without a keyboard

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Fortunately, it is possible take nail Capture of screen at the Windows 10 without keyboard. We may not have a keyboard for some reason. Even the print screen key does not work. Don’t worry, you can take a screenshot without needing a keyboard.

To achieve this, we will need to use a tool built into the operating system called “Trim and Annotation”. This way we can take screenshots quickly.

We can even take snapshots of specific areas of the screen or directly of the entire screen. It is an extremely useful tool that can serve us in a large number of options.

Next, we will see a quick and easy guide so that you can quickly access the tool to capture screen in Windows 10 without using the keyboard.

Take a screenshot in Windows 10 without using the keyboard

The “Snip and Annotation” tool is very easy to find. For that we will have to click on “Start” at the bottom left of the screen. Then we’re going to slide until we reach the letter “R” in case you have the apps listed alphabetically or we’re going to slide until we find the “Cut and Annotate” tool.

We click to run it. Once opened, we will have to click on “New” in the upper left corner of this window.

New screenshot.

This will give us the option to select an area of ​​the screen. When we do, a new window is automatically created where we can save it, modify it slightly or modify it with Paint 3D.

Save the screenshot.

To save it, just click on the floppy disk icon or go directly to File> Save As. In addition, we can press “Ctrl + S”.

So we can take a screenshot in Windows 10.

We save it like any other image, we can select the format. The ideal would be to use JPEG which is universal, maintains good quality and does not take up too much storage space.

To make it easier for you. Once you find “Trim and Annotation” in the “Start” menu, you can right click to pin it to the taskbar. This way, you will be able to quickly access the tool without having to navigate the entire start menu every time you want to take a screenshot.

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