How to take a screenshot

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How to take a screenshot? Whether on PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet, there are many methods. In this article, we show you how to take screenshots depending on the type of device, but also on the operating systems: Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android.

Take a screenshot is usually a very simple process, but not always easy when switching between devices. Especially on Android where each manufacturer chooses a method specific to him, which can confuse users. But in recent years, a universal method seems to be imposed on all brands of Android smartphones. We tell you how to proceed in all cases. Whether you are on PC, Mac, on an Android / iOS smartphone or tablet, you will be able to take a capture in less than a second.

How to take a screenshot on PC and Mac

How to take a capture on Windows

The best-known method is that of pressing a key or a keyboard shortcut. The title of the famous key may vary depending on the model: PrtSc / PrtScn / PriScrn / Print Scr / Impr screen syst, ect. On a laptop, it is usually necessary to simultaneously press the Fn key (function key).

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as there are also other methods of making more specific captures and directly to an image file rather than having to copy the entire capture into Paint before saving it. We invite you to read our full article on how to take a screenshot with a PC in Windows 10.

If you want to take a screenshot of a website, know that you have the option of capturing it in its entirety, and not just the part visible on the screen at the time of capture. This is possible thanks to a free extension available on Google Chrome and Firefox. Read our article on how to take a screenshot of a complete web page.

The method works on Windows, Linux as well as on Mac. You can also discover the best free software to take video screenshots in Windows 10.

Take a screenshot on Mac

You can capture all or part of your Mac’s screen. The capture is always saved on your desktop. To take a full screen capture, simplysimultaneously press the Shift + Command (⌘) + 3 keys. Then go to the desktop to retrieve the saved .png file. Note that it is possible to change the default location for your screenshots on Mac.

To capture a specific part of the screen:

  • Press the key combination Shift + Command + 4. You will see the cursor change to a cross pointer.
  • Use the cross to mark the precise area of ​​the screenshot by dragging the mouse. Make any adjustments to the selection by holding down Shift, Option or space bar
  • When the selection is complete, release the mouse button or the trackpad button. A .png file is automatically generated on the desktop. You can also cancel the screenshot to prevent it from being saved. To do this, press the Esc key before releasing the button at the end of the selection.

How to take a screenshot on a smartphone or tablet

On iPhone or iPad, the process is the same and still just as simple. You can read our article on how to take screenshot on iPhone.

How to take a video screenshot on iPhone and iPad

Since iOS 11, a feature long awaited by users has finally arrived: the ability to take video captures on their iPhone or iPad without going through a third-party application. You can do this by simultaneously pressing the side button and on the volume up button. Quickly release both buttons for the capture to take effect. There are alternative methods that you can consult in our tutorial on how to take screenshots on iPhone.

If you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, taking a screenshot can seem confusing as the method differs between manufacturers. Especially if you are using an older model. However, it is often only used with small variations.

Take a screenshot on a Samsung smartphone or tablet

Either of the following two methods should work:

  • Simultaneously press the keys ignition / Power button + low volume. Then find the screenshot in the image gallery.
  • On older models with a physical Home button (Galaxy S7, S6, etc;), press the keys simultaneously volume down + home button (Home).

Take a screenshot on a Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus smartphone …

On most recent smartphones, the method is the same regardless of the brand: press simultaneously on low volume + Power button. Two seconds should be enough. Sometimes there are several methods depending on the brand you have. For example, on Huawei smartphones, you can take a capture by sliding three fingers across the screen from the middle or even the top third down.

Finally, another universal method that works everywhere is to go through the shortcut Screenshot. Stay positioned on the screen you want to capture. Swipe down on the Android notification bar using two fingers. In the shortcuts that appear, tap on the screenshot option and you’re done.

Shortcut screenshot

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