How to take a break with someone on Facebook?

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Facebook is the most important social network in the world, because while it is clear that at the moment it has lost popularity in front of others, even some of its own family, it is still the one that brings together many of our contacts and information that go around the Internet. It also exposes us, many times, to people we know but who are not trustworthy or appreciated. Therefore, if you are tired of it but don’t have to eliminate it, we will show you how you can take a Pause of somebody at Facebook without removing it from friends.

Precisely, one of the current advantages of this platform, and something that did not happen when it started, is that now we have the possibility of taking a break with this person, without them knowing what we have done. This is often a huge advantage, especially when you have to maintain a daily personal or professional treatment, and issues such as removing him from the friends list could create stress in the environment.

On the other hand, with this simple trick that we are going to present to you, in a few steps, you will be able to stop seeing the posts, comments and all the activity in general of this person, without complicating your life.

Forget that someone on Facebook

Use of the Facebook site

The most universal way to forget about this person is always through the official Facebook website from any browser. Indeed, it was the first environment in which this feature was available:

  • Open Facebook in your favorite browser
  • Once opened, open the profile of the person to mute
  • At this point, click on the Friends button, next to the Messages button
  • You will see several options open, one of which says “Take a break”.
  • At this point, Facebook users are going to teach you a series of privacy options that you will need to take care of. Between them, what the other user can see on your profile. Or if your posts appear in their feed.

    Remember that the social network has gained a lot in this sense of personalization / security, even in finer things, like being able to turn off friend suggestions… who aren’t really that likable.

    Using the Facebook app

    If you don’t have a computer handy, or if you are carrying your smartphone with you, it is probably easier for you to use your mobile to get rid of that person, at least for a while. on Facebook.

  • Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android
  • Once opened, open the profile of the person to mute
  • At this point, click on the Friends button, next to the Messages button
  • You will see several options open, one of which says “Take a break”.
  • As you can see, the procedure is practically the same on smartphones as it is from a computer and a browser. Again, you will have the opportunity to establish parameters around the relationship with that person within what Facebook is. This happens because it is understood that you want to have less virtual contact with this person, and then it will allow you to limit it as you see fit.

    As easy as it is to take a break with someone on Facebook. And they say it works great.

    Can’t see this option? Then choose to unsubscribe

    Now, it is important to clarify that the Take a break function, as it is actually called, not accessible to all users. As usual, the deployment of this function is done little by little. The cool thing is that Facebook has this link on their website, so we can check if we can use this feature.

    You ask yourself what alternatives do you have at hand to achieve the same solution without taking a break.

    Well, assuming like we said that you don’t want to remove that person from your friends list, then the best option would be to take advantage of other features like the Follow and UnFollow features.

    In general, we can say that the results are similar. After all, when we decided to take a break with someone on Facebook, we basically want to stop following their activity on the site.

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