How to surprise your WhatsApp contacts with fake audio messages

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Simplicity, versatility and resilience are part of the characteristics of WhatsApp. The loyalty of its users will not surprise anyone. Yet the publisher also surprises us from time to time with innovations that simply respond to current needs of regulars. Indeed, thanks to voice notes, you can now communicate easily, even without hands. We all prefer to talk than to type on the keyboard of our smartphone, especially when we are cooking, doing the gym or driving.

The audio messages remain undoubtedly the fastest way to send recipes to your granddaughter, ask her husband to buy the bread, etc. It’s commonplace so why not to add a touch of humor to your voice notes? So what is the thing to change your voice while recording voice on WhatsApp?

Edit your voicemail message before sharing it on WhatsApp

The option is not yet in the inherent features of WhatsApp. However, you can now install a third-party application to customize your audio messages on WhatsApp.

Many apps allow you to create more than surprising recordings, and only in seconds.

Voice changer – voice changer with effect offers more than 40 sound effects, such as the voice of a drunkard, a robot like Daft Punk, or an alien …, with many other characters from Comics such as Marvel.

Try each of the filters one after the other to decide which one is the most fun or… the scariest! Ahaha! Everything will depend on the recipient. Once decided, hit the record button. Then, share the result with the WhatsApp contact of your choice. You can also share the recording on other messengers such as Gmail, Messenger or Slack.

Also remember to save the audio message in your Drive, because you could use it for another gag.

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