How to surf the Internet without mobile data or WiFi

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To be able to surf the Internet, you must have WiFi access or an active Internet package. However, it will be smart to have a third alternative for outage situations. During a trip, a WiFi cut-off or any unforeseen event, staying connected is important. You must be wondering, now, how to connect to the Internet without mobile data or WiFi.

The present article answers your question and explains in a few lines the technique to use to have free Internet access when you are away from your Wifi rotator. You may have thought about Public wifi. To be honest with you, this technique should be avoided unless you want to jeopardize your personal data. So to get for a free and secure connection, follow the reading.

Connect for free using a VPN

To give you a general idea of ​​what we call VPN, we can define it as a tool that allows access to a private network while offering security and anonymity to the user and this by routing the connection to a server, hence its no Virtual Private Network.

However, for benefit from the service VPN, you must meet certain conditions such as having an active telephone line, a mobile plan with zero data.

How to use the app DroidVPN

The DroidVPN app is designed to allow Android devices to access a VPN service. With an attractive interface and easy to use mode, you can configure your device to access the Internet without Wi-Fi or mobile data.

  • Once the tool is installed on your Android, tap Connection parameters;
  • Register by creating an account with your e-mail address, username and password;
  • In the icon Settings connection “, select “Connection protocol”, then press “TCP connection”;
  • Now you will have to configure the HTTP header, activate the option and enter this address: “Host:” (don’t forget to remove the quotes).

Finally, launch the application and log in securely and anonymously without paying a dime.

  1. DroidVPN - Android VPN

    DroidVPN – Android VPN

    An app for those who want connect to the internet for free, without Wifi or data. The tool allows you to bypass firewalls, unblock regional connection restrictions and browse anonymously.

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