How to stream Super Bowl LIII

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Welcome to the Smart home week – another visit to the source of smart home knowledge, where we transmit some of the events of the week. In this post CES lull, this week we saw a Casper smart light and a new iRobot lawn mower.

Here’s what you need to know.

Compared to other sporting events, the Super Bowl is very easy to watch for free – although no service has stepped up and offered the coverage in 4K, which is very disappointing.

If you’re in the US and want to watch Super Bowl LIII, you’ll need to head to CBS – it shows the game for free and you won’t even need to log in. current, including Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV through the All Access app.

In the UK you are also spoiled for choice with BBC One showing the game, which you can grab from streaming services – but remember your TV license. U.S. coverage also airs on Sky – with a subscription – for those who don’t need to explain every moment.

And finally, if you’re outside of those countries – and your local channels aren’t playing the ball – you can download a VPN and access the services above. Also, you can get a stream legally on Hulu, PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, and FuboTV.

How to stream Super Bowl LIII - and other great stories of the week

Nest services are going down … again

It’s getting too common, but Nest suffered another service outage this week. Users were unable to access key services on alarms, cameras, thermostats and doorbells all Tuesday.

That’s not a big story in the scheme of things, but as Engadget reports, it’s the fourth time in two months that users haven’t been able to use Nest equipment. There’s something about the lack of control that drives users completely nuts when smart home tech goes down, and as Nest and Google battle to regain control of Alexa, these types of outages just erode the system. trust.

How to stream Super Bowl LIII - and other great stories of the week

Lowe retires from the smart home

Lowe’s has toast its line of smart home devices, removing support and asking users not to return items to the store. The company offers refunds in the form of a prepaid Visa card – according to TechCrunch.

This shows that purchasing smart home tech is probably best left to big brands, because even after the purchase, support may be withdrawn when services are taken offline. Take a look at our guide to the best cheap smart home tech to find that balance between price and confidence.

How to stream Super Bowl LIII - and other great stories of the week

Alexa helps Amazon kill the fourth quarter

Unsurprisingly, Alexa drove a very successful set of financial results for Amazon, which reported $ 3 billion in profits in the fourth quarter of 2018, reports The Guardian.

“Alexa was very busy during her holiday season. Echo Dot was the best-selling item of all products on Amazon in the world, and customers purchased millions more devices from the Echo family compared to last year, ”said Jeff Bezos.

It’s no surprise that the Echo Dot is a big seller – the third-gen product has been heavily discounted like most products in the Echo line-up – with availability delayed until mid-January. Check out our comprehensive guide to Alexa and our roundup of the best Alexa-enabled devices.

Best tech deals for smart home

If you’re looking for a decent smart home purchase, we’ve got the best deals of the week here.

Google Home Hub – $ 99 less than $ 149 – Walmart

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Philips Hue color bulbs 3x + dimmer + bridge – $ 119.99 instead of $ 189.99 – Best buy

3 CE by GE bulbs and 1 Google Home Mini – $ 35 – Best buy

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