How to stop the automatic updates of Android applications?

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When you buy a new smartphone, you will find the applications essential to its use. However, you can still install other applications from the shop Play store. All downloaded applications require an update from time to time for different reasons: a improved functionality, a innovation in design or simply a bug fixes.

However, the automatic update of the applications can cause the exhaustion of our cellular data when you are not connected to a Wifi network. In some cases the installation of a New version can affect the good functioning certain applications, especially if it displays a large number of advertisements. Discover how to stop automatic updates of Android apps.

Some updates do not bring any more to applications and can even make them heavy and difficult to handle. If this is your situation, you can prevent automatic updating of applications to keep the version you prefer.

To do this, you first have to go to Google play store. Then, Press on Settings in the left menu.

Finally, select the option Automatic apps update and tick Do not automatically update applications. From then on, you can allow the update of each application manually.

The previous method allows prevent automatic update for all apps on your Android. If you are looking to stop updating for specific application, follow the reading!

You read from bad opinion on the new version of your application favorite that’s why you want to keep your current version ?

It’s easy ! you just have to go to the application concerned from your space Play store by clicking on the option My games and application. Press on application, then on three points which appear at the top right of your screen and finally deselect icon Auto update.

This operation can be useful for old mobiles who do not support new versions certain applications like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

In addition, it allows you to manage updates to your apps according to their usefulness for you.

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