How to sneak out of a WhatsApp group

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With the growing popularity WhatsApp multimedia messaging, many users use groups. It is ideal for share informations or just files on Android. Without forgetting anyone and as quickly as possible. Likewise, the number of whatsapp groups seems to be growing exponentially.

You have undoubtedly been invited despite your choice sometimes. Maybe you even have it regretted after joining the group (s). Too many messages, too much ado about nothing. You can mute people on whatsapp but the easiest is to leave the group. So how to do without alerting anybody?

There are several ways to do this and they are tips rather than apps or features.

1 – Change your phone number

It may seem absurd but the number change nowadays is simple thing. Please note, some operators may charge for it depending on the type of subscription. For those who have opted for a pre-paid SIM card, just buy another one. More than 5 million French were in this case in 2019. On the other hand, to be effective, it will be necessary to abandon Once and for all old number. Here’s how to do it:

  • Small cleaning session on Android first, go to Phone Settings
  • Select Apps and notifications then WhatsApp
  • Tap on Storage space and cache
  • Erase and empty without any worries, you are not erasing your account – just clearing memory of all traces.
  • Now go to the Settings by WhatsApp
  • In the section Account, tap Change number
  • Enter the new number and leave the group neither vi nor known.

2 – falsify your phone number

if you can not not change number or don’t want to, here’s another similar tip:

  • You will need a new temporary number
  • Start with the change in Settings by WhatsApp
  • Enter the new temporary number in Account and Change number
  • Now unlike above, go to Android Settings and clear data and cache
  • Relaunch WhatsApp, and register with the old number
  • Voila, no one will know that you left the group (s).

3 – Change the characters of the profile

The last tip is the shortest but it requires a new name and profile picture. A little less personal but once this data is changed, no one will know that you have left. Finally, don’t forget to block all notifications from WhatsApp groups, to find calm without having erased the messaging app.

  1. Whatsapp messenger

    WhatsApp, for all your messages on Android

    Everyone uses WhatsApp is so convenient! Its handling and ease of use have a lot to do with it. The multimedia aspect also with the possibility of make video calls, or share clips and photos. As everything passes by WiFi, you do not touch your Data plan. Many other many options are available such as groups and stickers for some friendly messages with your loved ones.

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